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As I mentioned on Wednesday, Jason and I had to fly to Arizona for his grandfather’s funeral earlier this week. It may seem a little morbid or crass to take an outfit photo of what I wore to the funeral, but, like Jason and I discussed, it’s an outfit. I wore it. It’s not spectacular but, then again, it was a funeral. Not a Las Vegas show.

So, in the interest of keeping it real, this is what I wore.

black-dress-black-cardigan-1We did indeed fly out in a snowstorm and apparently we were the last plane out of O’Hare before they cancelled everything else for the day. We were 40 minutes late to Phoenix but still caught our connecting flight to Flagstaff because the Phoenix airport had been fogged in (what??) earlier in the day which caused our connection to be behind schedule.

I don’t know what I believe or don’t believe about the afterlife, but there is a tiny part of me that thinks it would be nice if Jason’s grandfather had a hand in making sure we got to our destination in spite of the odds.


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  1. Chris

    That’s a good look Erin. And you’re right, you wore it, and if you want to feature it, where you wore it to shouldn’t matter. I too believe that there seem to be angels watching over us and guiding us on our way.

    I had a great uncle who requested that no ties be worn to his funeral and if I remember correctly, a couple of his grandsons were at the entrance to the church “enforcing” that request.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      That’s funny about the no ties thing! My husband said he felt a bit weird wearing a tie to his grandfather’s funeral because he doesn’t think he’d ever seen his grandpa wear a tie.

  2. Dee

    What a nice testimonial to Jason’s grandfather, Arnie! And your dress is lovely. Tasteful yet chic.
    I especially like the wrap-around pleated waist. As for the afterlife, I’m still contemplating that,
    have been, for years.

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