January Shopping and Gift Summary



  • American Eagle Jeans (same) – gifts
  • American Eagle Sweater (same) – gift
  • Brooks Brothers Shirt (same) – gift
  • The Limited Sequin Pants – $24 (on sale)
  • The Limited Red Ankle Pants (same) – $20 (on sale)
  • LOFT white jeans (same) – $35 (on sale)
  • LOFT camo jeans (same) – $35 (on sale)
  • Nixon watch (same) – c/o Shopbop
  • Sperry Top Siders Boat Shoes (same) – gift
  • Not picture – striped Brooks Brothers shirt

Some interesting notes about my purchases (and gifts!) in January. Remember my red pants? Well, I never did get them tailored. Instead I replaced them with this pair from The Limited when they were on a crazy sale.

And while I was shopping online, I added those sequined pants to my cart. I figured for under $25, why not? Turns out they fit great and now I just need an excuse to wear them!

Also, I finally broke down and bought some camo print pants. I feel like such a sell out. I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t stop thinking about owning a pair even though I feel a bit conflicted about owning camo print when I have nothing to do with the military. What are your thoughts on camo?

When I visited my dad this month he offered to take me shopping. I took advantage of it and purchased a few staples that I’d been wanting. Specifically the Brooks Brothers no-iron shirt and those silver Sperrys. I was able to wear the shoes while in Florida but I need it to warm up a bit here in Chicago before I can really break them in!

Some interesting sizing notes: I bought both the red pants and the camo pants in tall/long lengths. I am 5’4″ but have a 30″ inseam. Both pants fit me much better in the longer length. Weird, right? Also, I bought the Sperrys almost a full size smaller than I normally wear! Apparently my feet are shrinking. Also weird.

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6 replies on “January Shopping and Gift Summary

  1. Alison @ Peacoat Diaries

    Every girl needs some crazy sequin pants in their closet — you never know when you’ll need them!

    I’ve always thought that Tall was the wrong terminology to use for pants, because it isn’t really a function of height. I’m 5’9″ but I am all torso, so I never need the extra length (and honestly, there are some Regular fit pants that I can only wear with heels). Always good to explore the different sizing options!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Agreed about tall being the wrong terminology! It also seems to go in waves in terms of pant length. There was a period of time where I could buy regular length pants but now that ankle length is all the rage I have to go back to buying talls or longs.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I did actually put together an outfit with them and took pictures because I planned to wear them to an event. But then I didn’t end up going! Now I’m thinking I’ll wear the outfit for Jason’s birthday dinner instead.

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