Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 2]

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Pinterest Parallels is my attempt to recreate outfits I’ve saved on Pinterest using items that I haven’t purchased recently.

I saved this photo about two months ago because I’m always looking for ideas on how to “dress down” my dresses. And since I have a short sleeved black dress that doesn’t get enough love I thought, hey, I can do this one!

black-dress-brown-boots-1Dress – Nieman Marcus outlet (similar) | Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Scarf – gift (similar) | Boots – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same) | Watch – Nixon c/o Shopbop (same) black-dress-brown-boots-3This outfit? So comfy! I felt like I was wearing pajamas all day. However, I also felt cute and spunky which, let me tell you, I normally do not feel when I’m wearing my pajamas. Plus, I think it was a great way to take this black faux leather trimmed dress (which I have also worn out to events) and make it more appropriate for my casual office.

black-dress-brown-boots-2It also got me mixing brown and black which is something I’m always a tad bit hesitant to do. But I actually liked the way the brown boots looked better than if I had worn black boots. I think black boots would have made it look too dressy.

What do you think?

Notes: Dress is from August 2013. The tee is so old I can’t remember. The scarf is from at least two years ago. The boots and the watch are the most recent additions to my closet.

11 replies on “Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 2]

  1. Kandi

    I think this would look good with your gray booties! I know you said you don’t really like wearing booties with dresses but I think in this case it would look good.

      1. Kandi

        I wore my gray booties with black tights and felt awesome all day. I didn’t even think twice about it… is that not something people do? I guess I think of wearing gray with black before brown with black. Although I’m coming around on the brown with black idea.

        1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

          I guess I just have a hang up about wearing ankle boots (or even heels or flats) that are a different color than my tights because I’m afraid it will make me look stumpy. But that might just be in my head!

  2. Melissa

    I am a big fan of cognac boots with black tights/dresses/pants and regularly wear my “twin” boots in that combination. It has a very preppy Ralph Lauren-esque vibe to it, I think.

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Can I just say that your hair looks AMAZING in the first photo? Seriously. I don’t know if you did something different or if it was just chance, but it’s killer.

    Also, I really like this post after yesterday’s post. When you mentioned how a turtleneck under a dress made you feel like a little kid, I was thinking that that was basically exactly how I felt about the concept of wearing a shirt under a dress, period, but this makes a shirt under a dress look like a MUCH more reasonable, non-kindergarten option for cold weather.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Well, I did get my hair cut and highlighted right before New Year’s and I think this is the first photo that really highlights it because of the way it fell in my face and that the sun is off to one side. Thank you for saying it looks awesome 🙂

      And I didn’t even think about the fact that I posted two dresses-over-other-tops outfits right in a row. I think it’s the scarf on this one that makes it look less childish.

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