Then and Now [Vol. 1]

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As I mentioned in my December shopping (and gift) summary, my mom bought me a new pink blazer. I had a pink blazer from H&M but it always fit a little bit too small.  So, I decided that I would use my new pink blazer to kick off a new series that I’m calling “Then and Now”.

polka-dot-sweater-two-ways(original post)

What is “Then and Now”? My goal is to take an outfit that’s already been worn on the blog and show you how I’d wear it now and talk about what I changed and why.

I’d like to make this a weekly series, but I can’t promise anything right now. Regardless, I hope you like it!

So, on to this week’s “Then and Now” outfit.

pink-blazer-gray-polka-dots-1Sweater – Old Navy (similar) | Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Jeans – American Eagle (same) | Booties – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same) | Necklace – Kohl’s (same)

pink-blazer-gray-polka-dots-2For this outfit I clearly swapped the old blazer for the new one and the pearl collar necklace for this teardrop multi-colored one. The regular blue jeans are swapped for black jeans with matching black booties to make it more streamlined on the bottom.

I never did care for the way those gray boots cut my leg off mid-calf so I was more than happy to go with the ankle boots instead. Overall, though, I think I liked this sweater with the pearls a bit more than with the teardrop necklace although I do like that the necklace has both pink and gray in it which ties the two pieces together.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer the “then” or the “now” versions?


11 replies on “Then and Now [Vol. 1]

  1. Sue

    I only had to take one look at the new blazer for a definite thumbs-up on that one. More structure, better fit, deeper color–a definite keeper!

  2. Melissa

    I like the “then and now” concept 🙂 I like both “takes” equally though (with the new blazer) and don’t think the grey boots cut you off at all.

  3. Sara

    Definitely prefer the new version here, and I think the necklace works well with the cuffs of your new blazer. I don’t think the old outfit is bad by any means but it seems a lot preppier than your style.

  4. Suburban Style Challenge

    I really like this idea! Can’t wait to see more of this series. I love the pink blazer, and the detail on the new one (the sleeves) is great. I also like your update… definitely looks chicer. More chic? Ah, you know what I mean.

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