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Welcome to 2015! I typically do my “year in review” post in February during my blog’s birthday month so don’t expect a full recap from me right now.

I’m sure you’re relieved, right? There ARE only so many year-end-recap posts one can read at a time, I’m sure.

Your eyes might not be relieved at this outfit, though. It’s a lot of pattern. But, it’s what I wore to celebrate Christmas with my family and no one’s eyes started bleeding so I think it’s okay.

plaid-shirt-houndstooth-vest-2Vest – Groopdealz (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (same) | Jeans – Old Navy (same) | Booties – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same) | Necklace – Le Tote (same)

plaid-shirt-houndstooth-vest-3 Other patterns I’ve noticed over the past few months?

I’m having a difficult time figuring out my new style. Am I casual? Am I dressy? Do I care what people at the office think? I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed being “forced” to dress up or just how much having a boss with amazing style impacted me.

I am in awe of people who post “flat” outfits on Instagram using those white backgrounds and no shadows. How is this possible?

In the same vein, how do they keep all those Instagram style challenges straight? And do I want to do the same thing?

Finally, I mentioned awhile back (and maybe just on Facebook...) that I’m thinking of trying something new starting in February. I’ve saved so many outfits on Pinterest that I want to recreate with items I already own. So I’m thinking I want to try and purchase as few items as possible and use what I already have in my closet to put together outfits using Pinterest as inspiration.

I know there are already blogs out there that recreate inspiration photos and blogs that recreate stuff on Pinterest but do any of them do it without shopping? Hmm…



3 replies on “Patterns on Patterns

  1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    Pattern-mixing, YES! I will always endorse this. 😉 Seriously, super-cute patterns together, and the necklace really finishes it off nicely.

    Oooh, and I like your idea of highlighting Pinterest inspiration looks and recreating them without shopping for new items. Maybe a regular weekly post or series on that? And wouldn’t it be perfect timing to do another edition of our “Mutually Inspired” series again?? I know we’ve talked about doing it again — and haven’t — but maybe this could jump-start it again. Or maybe even jump-start an expansion of that series into your idea of Pinterest inspiration looks?

    And thank you for your comment on my own blog reflections post. I think it’s good to reassess and think about your blog and where it’s going. I know you’ve been focusing on how to readjust to a different work environment and dress code, and I’ve found that interesting to experience (to a certain extent) along with you. It’s real, it’s honest, it’s relatable. 🙂

  2. Sam

    1. WE’RE TWINS AGAIN. That shirt. I saw it on Instagram and I was like… I love that plaid! Then I realized I bought it at Old Navy last time I was there. Shopping amnesia? Anyway our streak continues.

    2. Flat lays are fun and you should try them.

    3. I think recreating pins every day in February sounds fun! And I would totally do it with you. Let’s start a Pinterest remix.

    4. I like lists. 🙂

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