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Every December I try really hard not to buy things for myself. But, you know, it’s difficult when ALL THE THINGS are on sale. That pink blazer was particularly difficult for me to hold off on. But I did and I got it as a gift from my mom which made it worth it.

I took quite a few things to a local consignment shop, sold a shirt on eBay, and donated some additional items to score a discount at a local boutique where I bought some Christmas gifts.

I also got a new coat from my mom as an early gift. She let me pick it out and since Macy’s had coats on a crazy sale I actually end up getting two because I couldn’t decide.coats

Jason told me I had too many coats so I actually ended up getting rid of THREE older ones! One went to the consignment shop, one was donated to a coat drive, and the other went to Goodwill. Spreading the coat love all around. I’m currently wearing the Michael Kors one and have the Anne Klein hanging in the closet as a back-up.

With my birthday coming up in two weeks I’m sure I’ll be getting a few more gifts (especially since my dad already said he’d take me shopping) but, honestly, right now I can’t figure out what I want! Such a first world problem to have, right?

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7 replies on “December Shopping (and Gift) Summary

  1. Valerie

    I LOVE everything you got! Those sweaters, that purse- so cute! And I’m digging that asymmetrical gray coat- I have a black one similar to it and love the cut. Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of old stuff to make room for the new? I just did that with some shoes/boots– off to the consignment store they go!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      It’s funny; I was looking at least year’s December & January summaries and my mom got me a purse last year, too! She has great taste so I love that she purse shops for me 🙂

      I’m really struggling right now with what to keep and what to get rid of from my old work wardrobe. I don’t need as many pencil skirts or dress pants but I’m afraid if I get rid of them then some day I’ll have to re-buy them! However, it felt GREAT to get rid of the stuff that I did. The items that don’t sell at consignment I’ll probably send to ThredUp, too.

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    Happy New Year, Erin! I love the pink blazer! Your mom sounds like a wonderful gift-giver.

    I am excited to see how you style the two black-and-white tops. I just got a black-and-white striped sweater as well as a black-and-white dress, and have been pairing both with either a colored blazer or scarf. Would love to see any other ideas you have to dress them up!

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