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Proventil ventolin difference Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Guess what everyone! It’s time for our monthly wrap-up and your chance to vote for your favorite outfit from November.

Of course, first I’m sure you all want to know what my favorite outfit from the month was. I’ll be honest, I think it’s a three way tie. And that I am glad I bought new riding boots.

favorite-november-outfitsI love these three outfits because they all felt so…me. Preppy with edge. I think that’s how I’m describing my style these days. I felt amazing in all three outfits and would wear them or something similar all fall and winter. By the way, a very similar outfit won for October: the plaid scarf and cream sweater with, you guessed it, jeans and riding boots.

Clearly you guys feel the same way as me. That’s why we like each other.

So, what will it be this month? One of my favorites or something else entirely? Don’t forget to vote using the poll below and remember you should be able to click any of the thumbnails to see the full outfit.

What was your favorite outfit from November 2014?

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