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September Shopping Summary


Alright! It’s time for another round of how I spent my paycheck. Although, to be honest, I was really lucky this month and got to try some great things for the whopping amount of zero dollars. So, let’s get to it. september-shopping-summary1. Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra c/o Influenster (same in other colors)

2. Victoria’s Secret Capris c/o Influenster (same)

3. Steven Leopard Flats c/o Shopbop (same) (seen here)

4. eShakti Dress c/o eShakti (original in other colors) (seen here)

5. American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts – $16.08 (not pictured)

6. Rent the Runway Yoana Baraschi Dress & Badgely Mischka Necklace – $83.39 (seen here)

7. Rent the Runway Kate Spade Dress & RJ Graziano Necklace – $73.39 (dress seen here)

8. Le Tote box – $25 (items seen here, here and here)

9. Target tees – $28.77 (same and same)

I was initially a little shocked by the sports bra because A. it’s orange and B. it has a zipper. In the front. Turns out it was great for my fitness class at the gym, especially since I’ve been having some collarbone issue that makes getting a regular sports bra on and off kind of painful. I haven’t run in it yet but it seems to hold everything in place. And, you know, it keeps you from having uniboob if that’s something you’re concerned about. Funny story: when my husband and I were first dating we went rollerblading together and I was so worried about my sports bra smooshing my boobs that I wore a regular push-up bra underneath it. No worries about that with this bra!

Although, I’ll be honest, I might actually like the cropped pants just a teeny bit more.

I ended up spending most of my money at Rent the Runway but that’s fine by me. Some people say that if they’re spending that much money they want to keep the dress. But, really, how many times do I need to wear a dress like that? And I couldn’t afford to buy one that nice every time so I think it’s perfect. I’m definitely a convert!

And, yes, I bought shorts. In September. Whatever. I’ll wear them next summer.

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