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Last week we had that kind of weather where you can wear anything you want. Dress? Sure. Skirt? You bet. Shorts? Of course. Jeans? Not a problem. So what did I decide to do? Break out another maxi dress. One I don’t think I’ve ever worn on the blog before.

Purple maxi dress with navy cardigan

Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Dress – Old Navy (similar) | Camisole – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar) | Necklace – gift (similar)

This is my comfiest maxi dress because it’s super forgiving. The only downside is that it’s REALLY low cut. Right now I wear a camisole underneath it but only because I haven’t found the perfect sports bra to implement Jen’s sports bra trick.

Lilac maxi dress outfit

I wore this to work last Friday (and, yes, rode a Divvy bike home in it) and it was the perfect outfit to end the week. I felt classy but still comfortable. Because we all know that wearing a jersey maxi dress to work is like wearing pajamas. Right?


Tomorrow I’ll have a fun post about my trip to Arlington Race Track courtesy of America’s Best Racing! Spoiler: we had a blast!

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5 replies on “Monday Maxi

  1. Amelia

    Lilac! Awww purple is my favorite color. Well, actually… blurple (an iridescent blue + purple) is my favorite color. hehe. Lovely dress!

  2. Sara

    Sans cardigan, I think this is my favorite outfit of yours!! I have the knee-length version of that ON dress (which they make almost every summer) and do wish it were cut higher. Lands’ End carries virtually the same dress with a higher neckline.

  3. Valerie @ The Style Files

    You look great in a maxi! I wear them a lot- especially on casual Fridays (probably since I feel like I’m cheating and wearing PJs haha!) And that sports bra trick is GENIUS!

    Looking forward to your recap tomorrow- we seriously had a blast! What a fun day! Thanks again for letting us tag along!

  4. Emily @ Out and About

    Looks super comfortable while being very stylish and elegant! Gorgeous necklace, and the lilac is a beautiful color. Interesting mention of the sports bra trick. Most of my sports bras flatten me out and/or create uniboob, so I don’t think they would be the most flattering. But I do have a few “shaper” sports bras that might actually work!

    You rode a Divvy bike in that dress??!? Please do share how you were able to do that!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I got advice from Maggie on how to ride a bike in a maxi dress 🙂 She said to tie it up around your knees and turn it into a shorter skirt. I just gathered it to one side and used a hair band to make a knot-like thing. Occasional gusts of wind did make me have to use my hand to keep the skirt from blowing up, but otherwise it was fine.

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