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Inaugural Bloopers Post

About Me

In the past I would go through all the photos I took for a post, delete the ones I didn’t like, and keep the ones I would consider using on the blog. This meant that I deleted all the bloopers. Unless it was something I considered amusing enough to post such as  this one or this one.

However, in the past six months or so I’ve been keeping all of the photos on my computer and saving the ones I want to use in posts to Dropbox. So last night, in honor of Fran and Miranda‘s prompt for us to post bloopers, I went through and found some to share with you.


Thanks for the knee kisses, Chewie.

Hair in my face, belt doing something strange, and a dog who wants nothing to do with being in the picture. Total score.


God, I hate trying to use this stupid remote.



outtake-3It’s windy in the Windy City.