Rent the Runway Oscar Wilde Dinner Dress

My First Rent the Runway Experience


This past weekend two friends of mine got married  and I used it as an excuse to try Rent the Runway (<–referral link) for the first time. What is Rent the Runway? Well, it’s your chance to wear a dress you could never afford  and not have to worry about dry cleaning or when you’re going to be able to wear it again.

Rent the Runway Oscar Wild Dinner Dress I chose the Yoana Baraschi Oscar Wild Dinner Dress which apparently retails for $495 but I was able to rent it for much less than that.

My first time renting was a little odd, though, because when I first added the dress to my cart it was showing as renting for $35 for four days. But when I went to check out the price had jumped to $75! I called their customer service who told me that they were having issues with their prices showing incorrectly. They gave me the $35 price (I took a screenshot to prove to them that it said $35 at the time) which was nice but now looking at it I see that it’s currently renting for $35-$45. So, I’m a little suspicious of that $75 price! Still, the customer service was helpful in getting me the original price.

Rent the Runway Yoana Baraschi

I ended up renting the necklace as well because, heck, if I’m wearing a fancy dress why not wear a fancy necklace? And renting was much easier than trying to hunt down the perfect necklace in the limited time that I had to shop.

Badgley Mischka necklace

But how do you make sure that the dress fits? Well, Rent the Runway asks for reviews and photos from the women who rent each dress and you can filter reviews by people who are the same size as you. For this dress most of the reviews said it fit small busted women with small waists and that it runs a little large. You get to pick two sizes of the same dress so you can try them both on. I listened to the reviews and picked one size smaller than my normal size and that one ended up fitting me perfectly.


The dress and necklace arrived on Thursday, I threw the box in the car for our trip, and put the dress on for the wedding on Saturday. I dropped the return bag at a UPS store this morning and it’s on its way back to Rent the Runway. I really enjoyed the experience (other than the weird pricing issue) and, in fact, have already rented another dress for an event this weekend!

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16 replies on “My First Rent the Runway Experience

  1. Valerie

    You look STUNNING in that dress! What a great service for special occasion dresses– I always feel bad buying dresses like that because I never find ways to remix them. And they rent jewelry?! GENIUS! I’m wondering if they rent out clutches too…that would be nice!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Why, yes, yes they do.

      I probably could have bought a dress for less than I paid for the full rental for this one (with shipping and insurance) but I wouldn’t have felt nearly as amazing in it. And then it would have taken up space in my closet never to be worn again most likely. This was much more fun!

  2. Darlene

    The dress is beautiful and you look amazing in it. I have always wanted to try ‘Rent the Runway’, so I’m glad you shared your experience.

  3. Miranda

    I love RTR but I haven’t rented from them in a long time…I definitely need to do it again! That dress looks STUNNING on you! What a fantastic color! I’m happy you had a positive experience with RTR even though the pricing issue is weird…I’ve never seen that happen so hopefully it was just a fluke!

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