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Really quick before I dash out the door for a weekend away, I still feel REALLY weird wearing sneakers to work. But, my feet were killing me because of the shoes I wore yesterday and sneakers sounded good.

Basically, it may feel weird mentally but physically I’m enjoying that sneakers are “on-trend”.


Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Scarf –gift (similar) | Shirt – Target (same) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Sneakers – Bucketfeet (same)

This outfit felt really, really casual and there’s no way I could have worn it to my old job. But, it fits right in at my current place of employment and it was perfect for a day when I just wanted to be comfortable.

I based my outfit on something I found on Pinterest when I searched for “casual Friday sneaker outfits”.


Thank you, Pinterest.

What do you think? Did I get close?


Also, I have to say, I LOVE living in the city. Love, love, love it. I rode a Divvy bike to the beer event on Wednesday and then walked home (with a stop at a neighborhood bar on the way). I was able to get a last minute eyebrow (and lip, let’s be honest) wax on Thursday on my lunch hour without even leaving my office building. I rode a Divvy bike back to my neighborhood on my way home and stopped off at a local boutique to buy a gift. And all of that was super easy.

Never thought I would be a city-loving girl who wore sneakers to work, but there you have it.

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  1. Maggie

    One of my suburban friends complains about the city “because there is never any parking.” Which makes me laugh, because I drive so little. However, one thing I love about the near west and near south sides, is that with all the new development, they have built free parking garages to go with everything.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I was with some people last night who live in the ‘burbs and I was talking about how my commute to work is a bit longer than it used to be. I said it takes me 40 minutes to walk, 30 minutes on the train, or 20 (or less) to bike. She asked if I ever thought about driving. I’m like, uh, why?

      It’s crazy to me how quickly I transitioned from being car-dependent to only driving once a week or so.

  2. Maggie

    A friend of mine who lives in Pilsen and works in the Loop drives to work. Granted, it’s usually via motorcycle which is probably easier (and I assume cheaper) to park. Pretty sure in the winter he drives his car though. But he lives off the same bus line as me and can actually get off the bus before it hits the backed-up parts of the Loop … I guess he just really likes riding his motorcycle and/or hates public transit?

  3. jul1992

    Hey, I really like your casual outfit and I think the sneakers are perfectly matching it.
    Do you wear these sneakers sockless?

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