Finally, an eShakti dress!

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Two things to note before I get on with the rest of this post.

1. I wore this dress and took these photos before fall decided to descend on Chicago. I am definitely not wearing it today! But I did wear it twice in the past two weeks. Once to a bridal shower and once to work. These photos are from when I wore it to work.

2. eShakti sent me this dress free of charge with the only stipulation that I use their “customize” feature.

Now, with that out of the way…

eShakti customized dress

Dress – eShakti (same style, different colors) | Shoes – Sole Society (same) | Jacket –  Langford Market (similar)

For at least a year I’ve admired eShakti dresses on Librarian for Life and Style and was a teeny bit jealous that eShakti kept contacting her to try out their customize a dress option. So, I finally decided I’d spend my own money on one when they were having their Buy One, Get One Free sale. I even added some to my cart but had to wait until I got paid. Then, lo and behold, they contacted ME!

So, I went to their site and found a few that I could see wearing either dressed up or down. I just had to decide how I wanted to customize it. With eShakti each dress has a series of customization options that include things as simple as changing the sleeves, neckline or length all the way to being as complicated as entering your specific measurements.


I went with the simpler option and took a dress with elbow-length sleeves that was supposed to hit below the knee and made it sleeveless and asked that it hit above the knee.

I know from reading Jen’s blog that eShakti tends to err on the side of making their dresses and skirts a little longer than what you ask for which is why I asked for above the knee. As you can see, it’s a perfect length! eShakti customized knit dress

The one measurement they don’t ask for that I wish they did was torso length. As in, the distance from the tops of your shoulders to your natural waist. I find that those of us with short torsos tend to end up with shoulder straps that are too long. The dress does pull and bunch a bit strangely across my chest and I’m not sure if that’s because the shoulder straps are too long or too short.

Regardless, it’s SUPER comfortable because it’s knit AND it has pockets. Pockets! In fact, most of their dresses do. It’s also really high quality and has definitely made me an eShakti convert. The next time I want to buy a dress I’m pretty sure I’ll be going there.

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15 replies on “Finally, an eShakti dress!

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    What a cool company! I have so much trouble finding dresses that fit me well (and/or fit me at all) since my proportions tend to be all over the board when it comes to normal sizing. I figured the dresses would be super expensive since you can do all that customization, but it looks like they’re actually really reasonably priced, too. Wins all the way around!

  2. Jill

    I’m always a fan of dresses with pockets! Love how you styled your dress with the jean jacket and silver flats! Such a cute look!


  3. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    What a gorgeous color and shape for you! I’m so happy that eShakti contacted you!!! You’re such a great match with their company and their focus on functionality and fit. I looooooove their line of knit dresses — next time we meet up, we should wear our eShakti knit dresses, you in your purply one here and me in my dark red one. 🙂

    The waist and bustline on the dress seem to hit you in the right spot, but I can see a bit of pull right at the shoulders now that you’ve mentioned it. I’m thinking just a little off the top of the shoulder straps would do the trick (and that would be easy to fix), but honestly, it’s barely noticeable. You look great!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Thanks! I’m so happy I get to be one of the “club” now 🙂

      If I had your sewing skills (and equipment) I’d see about doing something with the shoulders. But since I don’t and it’s not THAT noticeable I’ll just leave it alone.

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