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Favorite Outfit of August

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Were you wondering if you were going to get to vote for your favorite outfit of August? Never fear! I didn’t forget. I just actually had enough blog content for the past week that this post got pushed until today. Oh, and don’t forget that some of that content includes a giveaway of a Fossil watch!

August was a month of me getting into more of a routine with my “new normal.” I’ve discovered that I actually prefer working 7AM to 4PM and, as someone who hates mornings, this is crazy. I’ve learned that I’m no good with the remote and our camera on a tripod but it’s better than nothing since I need to take photos after work and my husband won’t always be home.

We’re getting Chewie on a pretty regular routine and my husband’s work schedule seems to have settled down…for now. We’re pretty sure it’s all going to change again in the next two weeks. So, I’ll let you know in the September wrap-up post if I’ve gone crazy again.

So, to go along with the whole getting into a routine to keep things simple, I think my favorite outfit from August was actually one of my simplest.


It helps that I love this picture, too. But, overall, the lightweight chambray shirt with my white jeans and silver loafers is my pick for my favorite outfit from August. It’s simple, summery, and still allows me to not feel like a schlub at work even though I’m wearing jeans.

Although, I have to say I also really like the pleated skirt with the white t-shirt and polka dot scarf….

So, you tell me: which is your favorite? Vote in the poll below!


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Oh, and in case you’re curious, this was the outfit that won last August! Still one of my favorites!

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