Fossil Watch Giveaway + August Shopping Summary

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First, before we get to what I spent my hard earned money on in August (because I know you’re all dying to know) I need to tell you a little story about how this giveaway came about.

  1. Earn $25 eBay gift card from Influenster.
  2. Debate what to spend it on.
  3. Go to put your silver circle Fossil watch on and realize it’s missing. Believe it fell off while riding a Divvy bike home from work (stupid Chicago potholes).fossil-circle-watch
  4. Find the same watch (which you bought over 7 years ago, by the way) on eBay and decide to use your gift card toward the $40 cost.
  5. Receive watch in the mail. It’s perfect….and I’m sure you can see where this is going.
  6. Find your original watch in a random reusable grocery bag when you get home from the grocery store the next day.

So, yes, now I have two of the same watch. And, because I know that some of you out there have coveted it for years, I’m giving away the duplicate! It needs a battery but is in otherwise perfect condition.

Which means if you want to follow my awesome watch lead, read to the bottom of this post to find out how to win it!

And now, how I spent way too much money in August.


  1. Earrings via Groopdealz – $5.99
  2. American Eagle skirt – $7.50 on sale (currently $19.99)
  3. Swirlgear capris – $38.25 w/50% ambassador discount
  4. Stitch Fix clutch – $48
  5. Athleta Chi top – $0 w/gift card (originally $39)
  6. Stitch Fix sweatshirt – $74
  7. Sole Society sandals – $4.96 w/store credit (originally $19.49)
  8. J. Crew Factory sweater – $33.95 on sale (currently $41.50)
  9. American Eagle Skinny Jeans – $14.00 for two pairs with c/o gift card (originally $29.99 each)
  10. American Eagle shorts – $15 on sale (currently $39)
  11. Swirlgear tanks -$89 total for three w/ambassador discount

Also, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may recall that I asked if I should order this sweater or these shoes. Well, the shoes won by a narrow margin so I ordered them. And they were HUGE! And they didn’t have a size down. So, sadly, they were returned and now the sweater is on its way to me. As are the shorts and skirt from American Eagle and the sweater from J. Crew Factory. Hopefully those items will all fit!

Okay, now that you’ve endured that rambling, how about that whole watch giveaway, huh?

Well, here you go! Use the Rafflecopter thingy below to enter! I’ll pick a winner on Friday, September 12th.

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24 replies on “Fossil Watch Giveaway + August Shopping Summary

  1. Kristin

    That watch is adorable! My most recent purchase is a pair of grey skinny jeans for fall. Now, the fall weather just needs to get here!

  2. Stephanie McGinley

    My most recent purchase was a pair of dress sandals from ideel. I love them and hopefully will get to wear them before our weather cools off!!! Thanks for the chance to win the watch!

    1. Kandi

      Was I supposed to say what I most recently bought? I didn’t see that question… but I just ordered a dress and it should be here any day… hoping it fits!

  3. Valerie @ The Style Files

    Isn’t that how it always works?! You think something is lost, then it pops up randomly…go figure! Loving your Swirlgear stuff and the pink sweater! I feel like workout clothes consume large portions of my clothing budgets some months…but it doubles as PJs/loungewear so the cost per wear goes way down 😉

  4. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Well, if we’re being honest, the most recent thing I purchased was something for someone that has to be kept on the down low for the next 24ish hours haha. Other than that, I bought some shirts for myself…the weekend after Memorial Day. Haha. Clothes shopper I am not!

  5. Emily @ Out and About

    Oooh, I have always loved that watch so thanks for hosting this giveaway! The most recent thing that I bought for myself was a pair of runDisney New Balance shoes at the Disneyland Half Marathon expo. =D

  6. Sarah

    First of all thank you Erin for having this giveaway. While wearing some of my work outfits I realized that I really needed some longer simple necklaces, so there was a sale at a popular accessory store in my country and I took the opportunity to get myself some new necklaces at a fraction of the cost :):):)

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  8. Amanda

    Watches are so underrated these days. That one is way adorable so I can see why you’d be upset to lose it!

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