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You Pick Wednesday: Cute and Comfortable Shoes

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Last week Maggie asked me via Twitter for help finding cute and comfortable shoes. In her words, ballet flats aren’t supportive enough and “good” shoes tend to be ugly.

Well, I suppose that if what you remember are the Aerosoles, Clarks and Naturalizer shoes your grandmother wore then, yes, comfortable shoes are ugly.

But, believe me when I say that shoe brands are starting to get the message. In fact, I bet you can’t guess what brands the shoes below are!

Cute and comfortable shoes


Clockwise from top left: Aerosoles wedges | Aerosoles flats | Clarks flats | Naturalizer flats | Naturalizer wedges | Anne Klein wedges | Sofft flats

I’m personally in love with those leopard print smoking loafers from Clarks. Seriously in love. They also come in other colors but if Zappos wanted to send me a pair (or if a spare $100 fell out of the sky) these are the ones I’d pick.

Overall, I went for shoes that fit my two main criteria for not looking like a frumpy grandmother:

  1. No square toes. Stick with almond, round or even pointed.
  2. No block heels. Unless it’s a wedge, make sure the heel is no more than 1/4 of an inch.

I’ve also heard good things about the Cole Haan Air series but those are pricey. Definitely try on a pair in the store and then look for them online for sure.

Personally, the brand I wear the most is Bandolino but that’s because they fit my wide forefoot and narrow heel the best. Still, I sit at a desk all day so other than the walk to and from the train I don’t necessarily put a lot of mileage on them. Now, though, I have a slightly longer commute so I might be looking for my own pair of cute, comfortable shoes soon!

Do you have any suggestions? Which pair do you like?

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