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Aerie Helps You Buy a Bra [sponsored]


So, yes, this post is sponsored. But, I mean, if you’re a woman and you’re reading this you probably wear a bra, right? And if someone offered you $50 to write about something you wear every day you’d probably say yes, right? So, if you hate sponsored posts or you hate bras (or both!) feel free to skip. Otherwise, read on for bra buying tips from Aerie. 

For years I only wore bras from that place that claims they’re someone’s secret. You know who I mean. Yet, I never felt like I was getting the best fit and the underwires tended to poke out after awhile.

Then I moved on to buying bras at stores like Kohl’s and Target but there are SO MANY OPTIONS and, really, who likes trying on bras? But, try them on you must. And that’s why Aerie came up with some infographics to help you figure out what kind of bra you need. The full infographic discusses the different types of bras and their purposes, facts about the life span of a bra (it’s shorter than you think!) and how to tell if your bra fits you correctly. In fact, it’s this last bit of information I’m sharing with you.

mini_3 (1) This infographic told me that those bras from VS did NOT fit as there was always a gap in the cup! I personally have not tried the bras from Aerie but I’m planning on it after this post. They also have a pretty cool campaign where they try to show real women wearing their products instead of just models all the time. In fact, if you’re brave enough you can take a photo of yourself on Twitter or Instagram in an Aerie product and tag it with #AerieReal you might appear on their website! Am I brave enough to try it? Well, assuming I follow the above guide and pick out a cute bra that actually fits, I just might!