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Stitch Fix Review #8


I recently ordered another Stitch Fix  (<– that’s my referral code so if you use it I get a $25 credit) and specifically asked for white jeans and more casual tops. Also, after my last one I asked the stylist to review this here blog so she could get an idea of what I already own so I didn’t get items that already duplicated clothes I had in my closet.

Well, I didn’t get my white jeans and the stylist said it was hard to pick out items that I didn’t already have, but I did get some fun tops!


So, what exactly did she send?

Item #1 – Just Black brand Jake Slim Ankle Length Jean, $88

These were soft and stretchy and I liked the dark color and that they weren’t super tight on my ankles, but they were WAY too small in the waist (serious muffin-top going on) and they were a tad too short. I may only be 5’4″ but my inseam is something ridiculous like 31″. I know, right?

Clearly these got sent back.

Item #2 – Daniel Rainn brand Paulina Graphic Print Lace Detail Blouse, $68



I debated about this top. At first I liked it. I liked that it was different than items I already own. I liked the lace at the top. But the more I looked at it the more I felt that it just made my top half look really square and it started to remind me of the housedress/apron things my grandmother used to wear.

So, it went back.

Item #3 – Pomelo brand Priya Arrow Print Knit-Back Tank, $54



Another top that I debated on for a day or two. I even took the tags off and wore it around the house. I loved the print and that it was really comfortable. Unfortunately, the bust darts on the side were too low on me. and that made the armpits too droopy.  If the shoulder straps were shorter I probably would have kept it but after wearing it around for a bit I realized it was too big.

Also, I decided that the $54 price tag was a bit too much for what was essentially a polyester and jersey top.

Item #4 – Three Dots brand Nevin 3/4 Sleeve Leopard Print Sweatshirt. $74


You guys, I LOVED this sweatshirt. LOVED it. However, it felt a tad bit too small for how I like my casual tops to fit. So, I did what any good shopper does: I asked if I could get another size. I’d found it online so I knew it was in stock in the size I wanted SOMEWHERE. I just needed to know if Stitch Fix could get me the sized I wanted so I could apply my $20 styling credit.

Turns out they could! So, I sent back the small and have a medium on it’s way to me. I’m so excited to wear this top this fall with jeans, skirts, scarves, etc.

Item #5 – Street Level brand Jamie Animal Print Folded Clutch, $48

stitchfix-clutch[1]This was the first time I’ve gotten a bag in my Fix and this one is freaking adorable. It also comes with a detachable cross-body strap (which I love). I only own one smaller cross-body/clutch bag and I got it for free from The Limited years ago. It’s slightly dressier and I thought this one would be perfect for going out to festivals or brunch or whatever. The snap is a bit tough to use but I’m guessing it will loosen up over time (or maybe I’ll pay someone to replace it with a magnet). And for $48 I thought it was a good deal considering what I’ve spent on purses in the past.

So, in the end. I kept TWO things from this Fix! I think that might be a record.

Do you agree with my choices? What item(s) do you like?