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The Limitless Closet Consultation

Closet Consultations

Recently Lia, the community manager for the new LocalLux marketplace, contacted me to ask if I would do a closet consultation for her friend Staci. Well, of course!


Staci works in HR for a large corporation and her dress code is very similar to mine before I left my last job. The other thing we had in common? She LOVES The Limited! In fact, I would say 90% of her closet is made up of items from there. A girl after my own heart, for sure.

Like a lot of women, Staci buys items that she loves on the hanger but when she gets them into her closet she gets in a rut of wearing them the same way over and over again or, in some cases, isn’t sure how to wear them at all.

For example, this beautiful and unique patterned blazer.


Staci had always worn it with black until I pointed out that there are so many other colors in the jacket: magenta, pink, gray and even yellow!

Then there was the navy gingham blazer that she just wasn’t sure how to wear.


This is just a sampling of the outfits we put together with this blazer. She loved the pink and gingham so much that I got a text later that week that she wore it to work and got a ton of compliments!

We also addressed a polka dot skirt she’d recently purchased from Banana Republic.


Finding items to pair from her closet was easy because she almost literally has something in every color under the sun. Yet, she was stuck in a rut of thinking that colors had to match exactly in order to be worn together. I helped her see that colors can be in the same family and still look good together.



Then there was the question of pattern versus texture. At first she was hesitant to mix patterns with textures but we quickly vaulted that hurdle.


Next, we tackled pairing neutrals with other neutrals and pairing yellow with color.



Finally, the outfit that made her giddy was, appropriately, when I paired her pink blazer with her beautiful slate gray polka dot dress.


Staci was so excited to see her wardrobe in a new light. Because she shops at the same few stores it was actually very easy to pair pieces together. Stores and designers tend to create pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. Although they put outfits together on the mannequins that doesn’t mean they need to be worn exactly that way. Which I think we proved here in Staci’s closet consultation.

Oh, and after I left Lia texted me to say they’d color coded Staci’s closet so she could more easily find pieces to pair with one another.


Overall it was a very successful closet consultation! And if you want one of your own, you know where to reach me!

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