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Zoloft and diabetes

Zoloft and diabetes Shopping

I’m going to be honest. I’m on my fourth white blazer and I haven’t loved any of them.

My first two were from Forever 21. The first one just always felt too boxy and too tight across the shoulders. The second one felt too short for what I wanted.


I mean, looking at the photos they don’t look bad. But when I wore them I didn’t feel good. And if you don’t feel good when you’re wearing something then it’s time for it to move on to another home.

I sold the first white blazer on Poshmark. The second one is currently still hanging in my closet but hasn’t been worn in over a year.

So, I went on the hunt for a white blazer I would LOVE and feel good wearing.

First try, the Target Boyfriend Blazer I mentioned in my July shopping summary.  I had high hopes for it. But, unfortunately, it not only looked like I borrowed it from my boyfriend, it looked like I’d borrowed it from my basketball playing boyfriend.target-white-boyfriend-blazer-review


Um, yeah. That will teach me to buy a blazer online that doesn’t list the length! Thankfully I have a Target Red Card so shipping was free and I was able to return it at the store a block from my apartment. Also, in case you’re curious, it’s more of a really, really light tan than a pure white.

Next up? The beautiful Club Monoco Gala Blazer. Definitely out of my normal price range but I had a c/o Shopbop gift card that would cover it.  I liked that the back was a little more fun but that it would also make it longer without being too long.


It fits great in the arm length and hits me at a decent spot on my hips, but I wasn’t loving it. It was too wide in the waist and too big around. Yet, the arm holes felt really tight on my arm pits. Plus, the split back didn’t look as good on me as on the 5’9” model who apparently doesn’t have hips or a butt. And it is 32% linen which I’m pretty sure would drive me crazy with the wrinkling. Again, thankfully Shopbop shipping and returns are free.

So, back to the drawing board. At this point, though, I feel like I’ll have to wait until next spring as all the stores have started carrying their fall items. It’s not a total loss, though! Now I know that I prefer blazers that are 24-25 inches long. That’s a key stat to know when doing online shopping for sure.