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Little black dress with blue accessories

Favorite Outfit of July

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Welcome to Monday! The first Monday in August. I know everyone on the Internet is wondering where June and July went and I’m no different. My July was a never-ending whirlwind and, as I’ve said before, I’m still figuring out my “new normal.”

Which means I apologize for the small amount of outfit photos from the past month. At least it will hopefully make it easier for you to pick your favorite?

But first: last month’s winner was my stripes and polka dots look. Good choice, guys! The more I look at that outfit the more I love it, too.

And my favorite from this month? Probably the one where I wore some of my favorite things!

Little black dress with blue accessories

I mean, really, did you expect anything different?

So, what was YOUR favorite from July?


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What was your favorite outfit from July 2014?

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