Stitch Fix Review #7


Those of you who have been around the blog world a bit have probably heard of Stitch Fix (that’s my referral link, by the way). It’s the service where you pay a $20 styling fee, their stylists send you 5 items to try on, then, if you purchase anything, your $20 fee go towards the items you purchase.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’ve now tried it seven times. My first time was all the way back in March of 2012 so I was totally using Stitch Fix before all the other big bloggers. I’m such a Stitch Fix hipster. Ha ha.

Anyway, I tried it again this month. Since I started my new job and have an entirely new dress code, I asked them to send me more casual pieces I could wear to work. And while they definitely got pretty close to my style (sharing your Pinterest board helps) I didn’t end up keeping anything. Here’s why.

1. Market and Spruce Alexia Chambray Belted Shirt Dress


I pulled this out of the box and was immediately dismayed at how badly it was wrinkled. And then when I held it up to show my husband he wanted to know if they were sending me Amish clothes. Aside from the buttons, it did look pretty matronly! And, as you can see in the photos, it was NOT flattering. Too long, too frumpy, too ridiculous. The decision to send that back was easy.

2. Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket

3. Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean


Now, these two items are definitely more my style. In fact, they are so my style that I already own very similar items. I own a navy and white striped jacket and red ankle pants. Granted, I don’t own any colored jeans (other than white) so I admit I was tempted to keep these pants anyway. But, they were baggy at the knees and the rise was a tad bit higher than my short-waisted self likes. So, back they went. Although, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they fit otherwise. Especially considering someone who has never met me pick them out and sent them to me!

Oh, the jacket went back, too, because as cute as it was, I already have a striped jacket I like just fine.

4. 19 Cooper Adrina Short Sleeve Button Up Blouse

5. 41Hawthorn Stacey Lightweight Leopard Print Infinity Scarf


The blouse was the one items I was really hoping would work. They also very nicely sent a cami with it since it’s entirely sheer. However, when I put it on I was sad that A. it was so boxy and B. because it was so sheer I didn’t like the way it showed my pants underneath it. I felt that it was cutting me off at a spot that made me look very rectangular.

As for the scarf, my love of leopard is well documented. In fact, I already have two leopard print scarves. I couldn’t justify a third even though it is adorable.

stitch-fix-review-overallIn the end, I was pleased that the stylist sent me 3 out of 5 things I would have kept if I didn’t already have similar items in my closet. That tells me she at least understands my style! I’ve scheduled another fix for August and asked her to please look at my blog so she knows what items I already have. We’ll see what happens!

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10 replies on “Stitch Fix Review #7

  1. Sara

    Your box was one of the more successful that I’ve seen!

    I love the concept of these services (more so now that i’ve moved to a shopping wasteland) but I’m pretty tall and I would be afraid that nothing would work for me, especially given how many people of average height/build have trouble with their boxes 🙁

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Maybe something like Le Tote would be better? Because then you can send it back as many times as you like until you get something that fits well!

      And, yes, the stylist definitely nailed my general style. Now we just need to get some items that fit a bit better and don’t duplicate what I already have.

  2. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    That’s a really good suggestion to pass on, to look at your blog to make sure you’re not duplicating items. The moto jacket and the leopard scarf were my faves from the picks, and the first thing I thought was that you had something similar already. 🙂

  3. Valerie

    The pants and jacket are so cute on you– what a great nod to your style that you already had them! Agreed that the dress and white sheer top were no bueno…excited to see what you get in your next one!

  4. Caitlin

    I love hearing your thoughts behind why you aren’t keeping the items- all great reasons and I’m proud of you for sending them back! It can be hard once an item has entered your possession 🙂

  5. carylee

    I am glad you decided against the chambray dress. It had potential, but failed in execution. You are a trooper for giving it a chance anyway, and I LOL’d at your husband’s comment! Subscription boxes always intrigue me, so even though you didn’t keep anything, I still thoroughly enjoyed this!

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