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Life Changes and #RealBloggerBeauty

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Today is the day Maya at Charmingly Styled launches her #RealBloggerBeauty project. I’ve been thinking for a month about what I wanted to write about. And in the past week I’ve had some pretty big life changes that I think fit the bill.

My initial thought was that I wanted to write about these two photos.purple_top_two_ways

The photo on the left was taken in June 2012. The photo on the right is from July 2013. The skirt on the photo on the left has since gone to the donation pile because….it’s too small.

I’ll be honest, I LOVE the way I look in that photo form 2012. I’m not a  fan of the way I look in the photo from 2013. You probably don’t see much of a difference, but I do. And it’s such a silly thing to be concerned about. I’m still in great shape (I ran 7 miles on Saturday, biked 5 and hit up three different festivals) and I know that my worth is not my skirt size. But taking photos of myself everyday for almost two years is a pretty good way to see how my body has changed.

Is it bad? No. Do I need to do something to change the way I look? No. Haterz on the internet have called me frumpy and outdated but this is who I am.  I’m a runner who strength trains. I’m a cheapskate who doesn’t spend a ton of money on clothes and who hates getting things tailored. I am who I am. Am I always happy with the way I look? Nope. But I think that makes me normal. Right?

And I’m honestly not sure I’d be able to do anything about it anyway. I mean, I mentioned some big life changes.

You may recall that we got a new puppy.


Chewie is sweet and adorable and he finally loves my husband just as much as me. But he hates being outside, he barks non-stop at anyone who comes into our apartment, and he is afraid of other dogs.

In short, he’s going to take a lot of love and training to become a secure, friendly, sociable dog. Honestly, that’s not what I wanted but it’s what I got. And as long as he loves Jason and me that’s a good start. But, it’s stressful.

Finally (and this is my big news), I’m starting a new job next Monday. A new job with a casual dress code. Would you believe I’m stressed out about what this means for Loop Looks?

I’m so excited to start a new job in a new position at a new company, but I’ve always wanted to be a blog where women who CAN’T wear jeans to work could turn for outfit ideas. And now I’ll be one of those women who CAN wear jeans every day.

I DON’T know what that means for Loop Looks just yet. I really don’t. But I hope you stick around whatever happens. Because we’re all in this together, right?

And speaking of dress codes, I’ve got a giveaway going on that those of you who read Loop Looks because of your office dress code might like!

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