There are puppies (and tights) in this post [GIVEAWAY]

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Disclaimer: The tights I’m wearing in this post were provided courtesy of Hanes but all opinions are my own. But there’s also a giveaway! Which means you could also get free tights!

So, it’s June. And that means I would really like to be able to go bare-legged. But June in Chicago means we have our fair share of Pacific Northwest-like days. Meaning chilly and rainy. And yesterday was one of those. Which is why I’m glad Hanes sent me a pair of their new Hanes Silk Reflections Sunkissed Ultra Sheer tights.

pink-blouse-floral-skirt-1Blouse – The Limited (same) | Skirt – LOFT via Poshmark (similar) | Tights – c/o Hanes (same) | Shoes – Jessica Simpson via Poshmark (same) | Dog – our new puppy, Chewie!

Admittedly, I typically prefer my nude tights to have some texture to them so I don’t feel outdated, but I think it’s okay to wear nude hosiery again. I mean, if Princess Kate does it the rest of us can, too, right?

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by these tights. They have a really wide waistband which eliminates the whole muffin top thing a lot of other tights do. Plus, you can get them in a thong style which also cuts down on the crazy control top sausage casing feeling.


They’re also run resistant. I’ve worn this pair twice and had zero issues. And they’re nice and silky feeling. I’ve honestly always preferred Hanes Silk Reflections when buying my gray and black hosiery so it’s nice to see that these are the same silkiness, if not better!

Oh, and for the taller ladies? I always order mine a size up than the size chart says and these are SO LONG! I mean, I’m mostly legs but I’m only 5’4”. There’s plenty of leg in these to go around.

They come in colors that are supposed to mimic cosmetics. I seem to be right between two colors but that’s because I’ve already been out in the sun some this year. The pair I’m wearing right now in Light Bronze will be perfect in the dead of winter while the Nude Bronze ones would be perfect for August after my legs have gotten more sun.

So, if you’re like me and want to wear skirts even when it’s not really skirt weather, you’re in luck! Hanes Hosiery wants to give TWO readers their choice of a pair of Sunkissed tights. I’ll be picking two winners on Thursday, June 19th so enter quickly!

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25 replies on “There are puppies (and tights) in this post [GIVEAWAY]

  1. Kandi

    Chewie!! He’s such a cutie pie! I also love your shoes!
    I am intrigued by the thong style tights.. I’ve never heard of those before. I like the nude bronze color.

  2. Chris

    I sometimes like to not wear panties under my nylons so I believe I’d give the Smoothing Thong style a try in Medium Bronze.

  3. Hillary Smith

    I’ve never heard of a thing style but it sounds great! Light bronze would be my color.

  4. Amber =)

    I’d have to get the thong one because I don’t want to even think about control top hosiery. Blech! And unfortunately, I’d have to be a light bronze girl. For some reason, the sun completely stays away from my legs!

  5. Dee!

    Classy outfit, Erin! Looking at Chewie, though, have you noticed the size of his paws? You and Jason are going to need a bigger apartment. He is beautiful, and I wish you many years of joy with him…..Jason AND Chewie.

  6. Lauren

    Chewie should be a regular accessory, he’s just so sweet 🙂
    I’d go with the control top and a medium/light nude color. I’m already thinking ahead to a friends NYE wedding and I know I’ll need tight for it!

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  8. monica g

    Your puppy is so cute. I’d love to try the control top and a medium/light nude color, perfect for date night with my boyfriend.

  9. S Smith

    I wear skirts/dresses all year. I would love to try the new Hanes Sunkissed tights. I like their other hosiery and wear them all the time.

  10. Justine

    What a cheerful outfit! I’d be interested in trying the Smoothing Thong style in Light Bronze.

  11. Michelle Blair

    Love your shoes!! I still wear panty hose, even though they seem to be out of style. Control top, medium bronze for me please!

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