Sneaky White Jeans

Casual Friday

Remember how I said my boss was out of the office so I could wear jeans every day?

Well, my boss’s boss appeared back in the office a few days early so I haven’t been able to get away with jeans this week like I thought. Until today. Because today I don’t care.


Top – Express (similar) | Jeans – AG Adriano Goldschmied (same) | Shoes – DSW (same)

Why don’t I care? Because I’m leaving at 2PM today to pick up a full sized passenger van, 5 other people, and enough running stuff to get us through 200 miles. Well, technically 100 miles. Our other van of 6 people has to run the other 100.

Yes, I’m doing the Ragnar Madison to Chicago relay race this weekend. This is my third time doing it but you just never know how it’s going to go.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me! There will be a post tomorrow featuring an outfit I wore last week, though. Don’t worry!

And then, on Monday? A special surprise!!


11 replies on “Sneaky White Jeans

  1. Valerie

    Good luck this weekend- you guys will rock it! Love the outfit too…and I feel like white jeans are dressy enough that they don’t count as regular jeans…ya know?!

  2. Melissa

    Fun! Good luck with the race 🙂 I would LOVE to do another relay.

    I’m still searching for the “right” white jean for this season! But having found my white pencil skirt (finally!) I feel hopeful 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Want to come do one right now? We’re actually down a person so we only have 11 instead of 12 at the moment. Should be interesting!

      As for the jeans, I admit I spent WAY more on these than I normally spend on jeans. But I swear I tried on every pair in Chicago before finding some that weren’t too thin, too tight, or too baggy.

      1. Melissa

        I’m telling ya–if I were anywhere in the greater Chicago area, I would be there in a heartbeat!

  3. Rebecca

    I have also been looking for some white trousers. I am lacking lightweight summer trousers at the moment mainly because I only started wearing trousers in November having been a skirts only person. I am a little worried that most white trousers seem too tight as I still like to dress “modestly” when wearing trousers. Hopefully I will find some which I like soon

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  5. Suburban Style Challenge

    I am still too afraid to do white jeans, but I did pick up a pair of white shorts the other day at Kohl’s because I love how you style your white jeans LOL. I love the cobalt with them, and the leopard. Such a great look!

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