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You’d think that if I had a long weekend I could get my act together and take some outfit photos. But, I didn’t. Instead, I spent my weekend drinking way too much beer at Chicago’s West Loop Craft Beer Fest, visiting the Randolph Street Market, getting my butt kicked at Crosstown Fitness and planting flowers on my balcony.

Oh, and celebrating my 11 year wedding anniversary.

Sometimes I think I get caught up in thinking that I HAVE to take photos or I HAVE to post at a certain time. But, really, this is a hobby and if I spend my weekends not planning outfits or taking photos so be it.

That’s why I’m glad Maya from Charmingly Styled ask me to take part in the #RealBloggerBeauty Project.

real-blogger-beautyAs Maya said,

In reality, there’s an incredible beauty in our imperfections, insecurities, and the real people we are when we’re not in “blogger” mode – and I think it’s something we all should celebrate!

We’ll all be linking up over at her blog on June 16th if you want to join us! Share a story, a struggle (either now or in the past) or something that inspires you.

I’m still thinking about exactly what I want to write about. Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Anne

    That’s a cool project! I definitely used to struggle with my own body image and self-confidence, which I think I’ve shared bits and pieces of here and there on my blog. It’d be neat to read about similar things that others have overcome (or are maybe working to overcome). I already have an unrelated post in the works talking about what caused me to finally gain some confidence and love myself, maybe I’ll link up.

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