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Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Some times I put on an outfit and don’t even realize until after the fact that it’s all from the same store. Case in point: today’s outfit. Everything but the shoes (and my watch. and the Fitbit, of course) is from The Limited. I guess when you like something you really like something.

Black blazer with black shell and red pants, Chicago style blogger, how to wear red pants to the office


Blazer – The Limited (same) | Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Jessica Simpson via DSW (same) | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Earrings – The Limited (similar)

I’ve actually worn a very similar outfit to work before but in that case I wore my black and white striped tee instead of going for the all-black look. Today I wanted to be a bit more streamlined. Sometimes mixing up patterns is fun and other times you want to be a bit more classic.

I also wanted to wear flats. As you saw yesterday, I ran another half marathon and my feet just needed a break from heels. Plus, I actually wore this outfit yesterday which was my office’s annual outing to Fogo de Chao aka The Meat Olympics. If you’ve never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse you are missing out on the gut-busting gluttony of all you can eat meat, salad, and sides. The waistband of these pants is actually a tad bit too big. Which, of course, makes it perfect for housing a food baby.

Chicago style blogger wears red pants to work

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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I have this same “problem” with Old Navy all the time, especially during warmer months. Almost all of my pants and shorts are from Old Navy to begin with, and I’d guess probably half of my tops are from there as well, and then almost all of my sandals are from Old Navy, too. Basically from May through September I’m a walking Old Navy advertisement haha. But the clothes fit my body, my style, and my wallet! Can’t complain.

      1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

        Oh my gosh, I LOVE their jeans. Swear by them. They fit me like a dream, especially the Diva line, and it’s the most wonderful thing of my life. Happiness is being able to buy jeans without needing to try them on and having them fit perfectly every single time. Heaven help me if Old Navy ever revamps the way they make their jeans. I think that’d be even more distressing than when running shoe companies overhaul their models haha (but really…).

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