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Sandals for Summer Offices

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Today is Sandals Day over at Work Clothes, I Suppose as part of her Third Thursday Threads series. Unfortunately, it is decidedly not sandals weather in Chicago and I completely forgot to take pictures of the sandals I wore this weekend when it was still warm enough to bare my toes.

So, instead, you get a collage of ways I’ve worn sandals to work over the past two summers.

Office appropriate sandals

I’m currently fortunate enough to work in an office that allows open-toed shoes. It hasn’t always been that way and it took me a few years to embrace letting my toes go free while at work. Since then I’ve been embracing it by remembering to paint my toenails and never wearing flip flops! Ankle strap sandals have become my favorite, too, since I feel they are slightly more sophisticated than slip-ons. I also prefer sandals that cover my heel so no one has to see how beat-up they are from all the running.

What about you? Do you wear sandals to work? Do you have any rules (either dress code or self-imposed) about wearing open-toed shoes to the office?