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Favorite Outfit of May

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

It’s time once again to pick your favorite outfit from the past month! First, though, if you’re curious, the outfit that won from April was the polka dot sweater and gray pencil skirt combination. I was not expecting that!

So, readers, will you surprise me again this month? Well, first I have to tell you what my favorite outfit was. And I actually could only narrow it down to two.

favorite_may_outfitI loved how comfortable yet put together the purple cardigan, gray scarf, and black and white top were together. But I also loved how bright and preppy my navy blazer looks with my pink skirt so I’m always drawn to that combination as well.

And, apparently, I really like this pose. I swear I didn’t base my favorite outfit picks on that! It’s actually kind of embarrassing, actually.

So, let’s move on to YOU telling me what your favorite outfit is from May. You should be able to click on any of the thumbnails to go to the original post and the poll is below all the thumbnails.

Have fun!

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Casual Professional

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Apologies for the lack of outfit posts this week. Holiday weeks just throw me for a loop. Not that I’m complaining about four day weeks at all. Trust me.

Anyway, I don’t even have that exciting of an outfit for you today. It’s a suit. A black suit. At least I added some stripes?



Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (same)

I had a meeting today at a location with a “casual” dress code but I didn’t want to show up in jeans. So, in order to make my suit more casual I added a tee shirt and rolled up the sleeves of the jacket.

Admittedly, it took me a lot longer than it should have to come up with this outfit! I’ve gotten so out of the rut of wearing my black pants that I honestly forget what to pair with them. Something so simple shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

Anyway, if I had wanted to wear jeans I would have kept everything else the same and just swapped out the black dress pants for my bootcut jeans. See? Easy casual Friday look all set for you for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll be posting my Favorite Outfit of May round-up so don’t forget to come back and vote!


P.S. There might not be any close-up shots of my left side for awhile. I, uh, accidentally gave myself a black eye on Saturday morning while hurriedly pulling on my arm warmers before going for a run. My hand slipped and I literally punched myself in the face. See? Bloggers are not perfect.

May Shopping Summary


Even though Memorial Day weekend is full of sales, I actually did zero shopping this weekend. Other than buying flowers for our balcony. I also bought some habanero pepper plants, some herbs, and one tomato plant. Fingers crossed they all survive!

Earlier this month, though, I did some damage during a sale at The Limited and cashed in a $20 coupon to Bucketfeet that I earned through EarndIt (which, if you have a Fitbit, Garmin, Nike+, Jawbone, Foursquare, etc and aren’t using EarndIt, why not?). I also took advantage of the Cleveland Marathon Expo and a Swirlgear sale to get some fun running gear.



1. The Limited White Pencil Skirt – $29 (on sale)

2. The Limited Textured White Tee – $25 (on sale)

3. The Limited Ashton Blouse – $32 (on sale)

4. Bucketfeet Fat Sugar – $53 (w/$20 coupon)

5. One More Mile Tech Tank – $15 (expo price)

6. Swirlgear Hoodie – $32 (ambassador discount)

7. Swirlgear Long Sleeved Tech Shirt – $32 (still on sale for $22.40 + tax and shipping!)

Total – $218

The white skirt and pink blouse followed the one in, one out line of thinking as I now have a white skirt and a pink blouse for sale on Poshmark (or Threadflip, if you prefer).

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect white shell and this one from the Limited is okay. It’s a bit more of a t-shirt than I would like, although it’s not see-thru at all, which I appreciate. It also runs quite big. I bought the XS and dried it the dryer hoping it will shrink a bit.

However, if you’re on the hunt for cute, comfy canvas shoes I definitely recommend Bucketfeet! I know they sell them in stores but I ordered mine online. They don’t come in half sizes which worried me at first since I’m typically a 7.5 but the 7 fit me perfectly. I wore them basically all day Saturday and Sunday and my feet had zero complaints.

And the running gear? What I can say. I’m a sucker for fun stuff. The hoodie is more loungewear then running gear for me, but I’m excited to wear the tank during at least one of my Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay legs next month. It kind of sums up our team. And, I love my Swirlgear short-sleeved tops so much that this winter I was sad that I didn’t own any of the long-sleeved ones. Problem sorted!

#RealBloggerBeauty Project

About Me

You’d think that if I had a long weekend I could get my act together and take some outfit photos. But, I didn’t. Instead, I spent my weekend drinking way too much beer at Chicago’s West Loop Craft Beer Fest, visiting the Randolph Street Market, getting my butt kicked at Crosstown Fitness and planting flowers on my balcony.

Oh, and celebrating my 11 year wedding anniversary.

Sometimes I think I get caught up in thinking that I HAVE to take photos or I HAVE to post at a certain time. But, really, this is a hobby and if I spend my weekends not planning outfits or taking photos so be it.

That’s why I’m glad Maya from Charmingly Styled ask me to take part in the #RealBloggerBeauty Project.

real-blogger-beautyAs Maya said,

In reality, there’s an incredible beauty in our imperfections, insecurities, and the real people we are when we’re not in “blogger” mode – and I think it’s something we all should celebrate!

We’ll all be linking up over at her blog on June 16th if you want to join us! Share a story, a struggle (either now or in the past) or something that inspires you.

I’m still thinking about exactly what I want to write about. Do you have any ideas?

Another Animal Print

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Remember on Monday when I said that I had an outfit all planned and even took pictures of it only to have my husband delete them? Well, this is the casual version of that outfit.



Blazer – old (similar) | Shirt – Kohl’s (similar) | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar) | Necklace – boutique (similar)

In the dressier version I had on my cream colored pants. But, since it’s Friday I’m pairing it with jeans. Valerie originally gave me the idea to wear my camel blazer with the snakeskin print top and she was definitely on to something. And this blazer looks really awesome with jeans. And apparently animal prints. As evidenced by the time I also wore this outfit with leopard print.

Actually, my boss is out of the office for the next two weeks so unless I have meetings I could probably get away with wearing jeans almost every day. The question is: will I? You might get pretty tired of seeing jeans and blazer combinations since it’s STILL my default office casual wear.

Although, really, if I could just wear these jeans every day I might just do that. Jeans that make my legs look a thousand miles long AND thin? Yes, please.


Suited up with nowhere to go

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

You guys, I did it again. I wore almost an entire outfit from The Limited. It’s getting kind of ridiculous, don’t you think? Although, to be honest, it’s not like you couldn’t put together a gray pencil skirt, black blazer, and white top outfit from just about any store. I’m certainly not the first person to do it.


Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Top – The Limited (same) | Skirt – The Limited (similar)  | Shoes – Bandolino (same) | Necklace – (similar)

I wore this outfit because we were supposed to be leading two training sessions at work this week. However, since where I work doesn’t actually mandate or require employees to attend any trainings, our registration numbers were so low that we had to cancel at the last minute. Sad.

But, hey, at least I look nice and professional while I sit at my desk, right?



Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

After yesterday’s meat extravaganza I was feeling a little, well, ill. Which means I wanted something that was forgiving and loose and easy to wear. Is this my favorite outfit of all time? No. But this skirt was the perfect remedy to feeling bloated from a meat hang over.

white-pleated-skirt-purple-top-1 white-pleated-skirt-purple-top-3 Jacket – Langford Market (similar) | Shirt – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar)

I got the idea for this outfit from this photo I pinned over a year ago. Turns out it was so warm today that I didn’t even need the jacket. As for while I was in the office, I also brought a cardigan to wear in case I got chilled. Of course, my boss was so busy today with her own stuff that I don’t think she would have noticed nor cared if I wore my denim jacket all day.

Admittedly, a denim jacket isn’t the most professional topper for work, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. Like the day after you eat and drink way too much and just want something easy.


Limited Edition

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Some times I put on an outfit and don’t even realize until after the fact that it’s all from the same store. Case in point: today’s outfit. Everything but the shoes (and my watch. and the Fitbit, of course) is from The Limited. I guess when you like something you really like something.

Black blazer with black shell and red pants, Chicago style blogger, how to wear red pants to the office


Blazer – The Limited (same) | Shirt – The Limited (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Jessica Simpson via DSW (same) | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Earrings – The Limited (similar)

I’ve actually worn a very similar outfit to work before but in that case I wore my black and white striped tee instead of going for the all-black look. Today I wanted to be a bit more streamlined. Sometimes mixing up patterns is fun and other times you want to be a bit more classic.

I also wanted to wear flats. As you saw yesterday, I ran another half marathon and my feet just needed a break from heels. Plus, I actually wore this outfit yesterday which was my office’s annual outing to Fogo de Chao aka The Meat Olympics. If you’ve never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse you are missing out on the gut-busting gluttony of all you can eat meat, salad, and sides. The waistband of these pants is actually a tad bit too big. Which, of course, makes it perfect for housing a food baby.

Chicago style blogger wears red pants to work

Why there’s no outfit post today

About Me

I had an outfit all planned last week. My husband took pictures of it last Thursday. I was going to write my Style Interpreting Art post today using this amazing picture.

However, before I got my photos off the camera my husband deleted them. Why? So he could take pictures of this:


My best friend from college, Rachel, ran her very first half marathon yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I was there when she ran her first 10K and her first 10 Mile race, I knew I had to be there for this.

So I was. And we had a great time.

So I forgive my husband for deleting my photos so he could get up at 5:00 AM to cheer and take pictures and be there for us.

Regularly scheduled programming will continue tomorrow.

Cardigan Swap

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Purple cardigan with black and white printed top and black pants, Chicago style blogger

Gray scarf with black and white printed top and purple cardigan

Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Top – clothing swap (similar) | Scarf – gift (similar) | Pants – Gap (similar) | Shoes – Nine West (similar)

For everyone who says that blazers aren’t their thing I just want you to know you can still get plenty of outfit ideas from photos of people wearing blazers. Take this outfit from Skirt The Rules, for example. I don’t have a blazer that color but I do have this cardigan! So I decided to recreate her look with pieces I’ve had in my closet for awhile.

I added the scarf because this particular top is kind of low-cut and it’s cold outside. The scarf keeps me covered up, warm, and office-appropriate. Plus it adds some nice visual interest to my outfit.

Okay, enough talk about clothes. Let’s talk about my weekend. I actually wore this outfit to the office on Wednesday because today I’m on my way to Cleveland!! Why? Because my friend Rachel is running her very first half marathon on Sunday and I’m running with her. I’m super excited for her. We’re going to have a great time. And I then I hear we’ll be going to some place called Melt for lunch. I believe they are the land of grilled cheese sandwiches? I’m definitely down with that.

Black and white paired with a purple cardigan

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