My White Whale

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Chicago style blogger, mint cardigan, red necklace, brown pants


Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Tank – Old Navy (same) | Pants – The Limited | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Anne Klein (similar)

Today I want to talk about tank tops. Specifically wearing a tank top to the office. Personally, I am not a fan of wearing a jersey knit tank top to work. But, clearly, people do it all the time. In fact, this outfit in today’s Pinterest challenge is what prompted me to try it out.


I swapped the coral for red and used it in my necklace and put the mint in the cardigan. Mint and brown is a lovely combination so I wanted that to be the focal point.

However, I feel that a jersey knit tank like the one I’m wearing from Old Navy is just too casual for work. I have one plain white shell that I wear all the time instead. In fact, I wore it yesterday. But, as with all things white, it’s probably a good idea to have more than one since they can stain so easily.

Which lead me on the hunt for another white shell I felt was dressy enough for the office.



First up, I went to Express. Actually, speaking of Express, I’ve got a little feature over at On The Daily Express showcasing my current wishlist of items from there. I actually put top number one on my list and even ended up buying it navy. The white, though, was too much of a cream color and since the keyhole hits me a little low it would need a camisole underneath. And trying to match that cream color was going to drive me nuts so I said PASS.

Tops number 2 and 4 I ordered during the 50% off and free shipping sale from Ann Taylor and they haven’t arrived yet. Fingers crossed one of them works out!

Top number 3 I originally saw on Marion of Marionberry Style but haven’t tried it on or gone in search of it. If it goes on sale, though, I’ll be there!

Finally, top number 5, also from Express, looked promising on the hanger but when I put it on the rolled sleeves were so bulky and uncomfortable! Bummer. Otherwise I loved that the fabric was a bit less sheer than white tops usually are.

Searching for the perfect white shell is tough! Even now when the stores are carrying summer clothes and whites and pastels seem to be all the rage. So here’s what I say to that:

Chicago style blogger, brown pants with mint cardigan

P.S. It occurs to me that I’m wearing my sunglasses in all my posts this week. I’m not trying to look like a spy or something. It’s just it was sunny when I was taking my photos and it was either the sunglasses or squinty eyes. Speaking of sunglasses, I discovered I had three of the exact same pair in the bottom of my purse. I guess when you finally find some that fit your tiny head you buy them in bulk!


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  1. Lauren @ Lauren Runs

    I have started to shy away from these as well. But I love the #3 shirt with the zip— may have to buy one also!

    On sunglasses, do you go “nice” or “cheap” – they look nice on you! I lose or break sunglasses easily, so I hate spending $$$ on them. Am currently on a search for a new pair that doesn’t look too cheap. I finished last summer wearing only the beach-y sunglasses with colored sides (e.g. race swag!)

  2. Suburban Style Challenge

    I tend to agree with you about cotton tanks at work. I generally only wear them underneath things like sheer tops and sweaters, or other tops that need a little extra coverage. Under a blazer or cardigan, as you wear it, I think it’s ok as well as long as the tank is clean and fits right. But what I absolutely cannot stand is when people where plain cotton tanks on their own, without anything over them! It’s even worse when it’s spaghetti strap! That kind of thing doesn’t belong in an office. Heck, I’m even torn on sleeveless in the office, and 95% of the time I’ll cover up with a cardigan or blazer if I have a sleeveless top or dress on (though I’m usually too cold in that kind of thing anyway).

    Also, I’m now really wanting that Express keyhole top. I’ll be watching for it to go on sale.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I suppose I’ve never worked anywhere where staff thought a plain cotton tank top on its own was appropriate, come to think of it. I totally agree with you that one by itself is NOT work appropriate. I don’t mind sleeveless but it still needs to be classy and not look like your lounge clothes.

  3. caroline

    I love the mint cardigan – the whole picture and outfit looks very spring-y! I love spring! I also try to not wear the jersey tanks to work. The ones I have are usually a bit thin and a bit tight on me. I prefer to wear a looser shell. But all my shells have a pattern! I need more solid color shells! The ones you have here look cute!

  4. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    That cardigan is so pretty! I love the color and style, and I like how you switched the red/mint from the photo to your outfit.

    Also, it makes me feel so much less weird that you also appear to have trouble finding sunglasses that fit your head. I have the WORST time finding sunglasses that fit well (though I find they’re usually too tight, not too big), and it’s seriously a miracle to find a pair that fits my face (and my nonexistent budget 😛 ).

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