The Classic and the Trendy

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Chicago style blogger, J. Crew Schoolboy blazer, printed pants



Blazer – J. Crew (same) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – Gap via clothing swap (similar) | Shoes – DSW (similar) | Short necklace – The Limited (same) | Long necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar)

You know, sometimes certain things are meant to be. Like, take these pants for instance. I had a very similar pair saved on my Pinterest wish list (the ones linked above, actually) but couldn’t bring myself to spend money on them. I loved the print but I wasn’t sure if I could justify another pair of black and white bottoms.

And then I attended Maggie’s clothing swap and saw these in the pile. Same cut, similar pattern, but different colors! Thankfully the fit was perfect and they came home with me.

I’ve actually worn this outfit once before but it only made the blog in a small snippet of the Blaze Pizza recap. So, since I loved it so much the first time I knew it needed to get a chance to be in the spotlight. I really enjoy pairing fun and trendy pieces with more classic traditional pieces. Like, in this case putting these printed pants with this classic navy blazer.

Chicago style blogger, J. Crew schoolboy blazer, printed pants

13 replies on “The Classic and the Trendy

  1. Suburban Style Challenge

    What a flattering cut and length on you! You look 6 feet tall! Gotta love when things work out like that, right? Definitely meant to be. I really like this look, and wouldn’t think the ankle strap shoe with the ankle length pant would work, but it does (maybe because of the similar colors?). You find the best stuff at swaps and on Poshmark!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I originally wasn’t sure about the ankle length pants with the ankle strap heels but I’d see it around on Pinterest and decided to try it myself. I think if the shoes weren’t navy then the ankle strap would have to be a lot thinner, but because they sort of blend into the pants it works with the thicker strap.

  2. Maggie

    I’m glad the pants went to a good home! I really liked them but had a hard time finding pieces in my closet that I liked with them. Also, seeing as how they are Gap and the pants you like are Banana … I wonder if they really are the same pants, just different color/pattern.

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Those are some PANTS. I was actually just thinking yesterday how the current trend in fashion seems to be swapping the traditional neutral-on-bottom-color/print-on-top for a print on bottom and neutral on top, and you are DEFINITELY proving my thought with this outfit! Also, those shoes are fabulous and I <3 them.

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