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March Shopping Summary



1. Bradamant Bodysuit (same) – won in a giveaway from Engineering in Style (seen here)

2. Madden Girl Hiighfiv Wedge Sandal via DSW (same) – $40 (currently on sale for less!)

3. Jessica Simpson Connie Flat via DSW (same) – $53 w/coupons

4. Bow print dress via Comfort Me Boutique – $197 (seen here)

5. J. Crew button-up shirt – $36

6. J. Crew Jackie Cardigan (same) – $27 (currently $65 w/25% off)

7. Clothing Swap Clothing Items – lace blazer, gray dress pants (seen here), floral ankle pants, black top (seen here)

8. Clothing Swap Accessory Items – silver ball necklace, gold leaf necklace

9. (not pictured) LOFT Windowpane pants via Poshmark (seen here) – $1.95 after Poshmark credits

10. (not pictured) Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan in black (same) – $27

Total = $354.95

GULP! That is a large number for me. So, let’s see how that happened.

Well, the biggest chunk and probably the most expensive single item of clothing I own aside from wedding dress is the bow print dress from Comfort Me. That is WAY more than I usually spend on something but, admittedly, similar to my wedding dress, I put it on and never wanted to take it off. And, let’s be honest, it’s definitely more versatile than wedding dress, right?

So, if you subtract that splurge then I’m only about $30 over my monthly budget. And that extra little bit came from a last minute trip to Old Navy before my vacation. Not sure why, but I REALLY wanted a long black cardigan to wear on the plane.

Also, I wanted to note that items 2, 3, and 5 all replace something I had in my closet but decided to get rid of because they were too worn. Plus, I took an entire large suitcase full of clothes to the clothing swap I attended (seriously, it was a LOT of stuff) so my closet probably actually had a net loss for the month.

And I know I say this every month but I DO NOT NEED TO SHOP in April. Seriously, I don’t. Except maybe to use some of my Sole Society credit to get some red heels I can actually walk in. Which of these do you like better?



Heel | Wedge

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