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Favorite Outfit of March

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Ah, March. The month where we think it’s spring but then we get fooled almost every day. I mean, look at this past month’s outfits! I went from layers upon layers to being able to wear a sleeveless shirt! Crazy!

You know what else is crazy? I’m not personally in love with any of my outfits from this past month. I suppose if I HAD to pick one it would be my cobalt and gray combination.


In fact, I loved some of the outfits I put together at Comfort Me during my Chicago Boutique Week even more! Which means this time around I’m giving you TWO chances to vote. That’s right, you get to pick your favorite of my regular work-wear outfits and your favorite from the Comfort Me series. So, let’s get to it.

Time to vote!

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What was your favorite outfit of March 2014?

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What was your favorite Comfort Me Boutique outfit?

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And remember, I always post the winners to My Favorite Looks Pinterest page!