Two Pieces, Two Ways – Day 3

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Two Pieces, Two Ways- Day 3

Monday you saw these pants paired with our snakeskin print top. Yesterday you saw the tops styled two different ways. So today you get to see how Valerie and I styled our burgundy LOFT pants into two different outfits!

I love that we both went for colored tops with neutral-ish cardigans to balance out the color. Valerie’s monochromatic look with the top and the pants being in the same color family are a great choice whereas my blue top definitely draws your eye away from the burgundy pants. I recently saw a blue and burgundy combo on Laura Wears so it was at the front of my mind when choosing this outfit.

Cobalt blue top with burgundy pants and a striped cardigan, Chiago style blogger, wear to work

Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Shirt – Express (similar) | Pants – LOFT (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (same)

Also, funnily enough, yesterday I came REALLY close to wearing that bow belt that Valerie has on today. And, no, we didn’t talk about our outfits beforehand! Which means that you just got six independently styled outfits out of two items. I hope you enjoyed our Two Pieces, Two Ways remix!  Feel free to tell us which outfit was your favorite!

Two pieces styled two ways, Chicago blogger collaboration, burgundy pants, snakeskin print top

15 replies on “Two Pieces, Two Ways – Day 3

  1. Anne

    I think both of your Day 3 outfits are my favorites! They’re the most colorful, so the most like what I would probably wear 🙂

    I really love the bold blue with those pants – nice choice!

  2. kelsey

    I would have never thought to put those colors together and with the striped cardigan!

    The background in your pictures is beautiful! Along with the person in them!

  3. kilax

    I was going to say the same thing as Kelsey – never would have thought to put those colors together! Really like it, and the striped cardi too.

  4. Katie of alaskan weredork

    Your hubs is getting really good with the camera! I love the pictures, this lighting is so pretty but can be tricky to shoot in and he really nailed it. I also LOVE this outfit, the silhouete(sorry, bad spelling) is really relaxing and flirty.

    1. Katie of alaskan weredork

      Blah, that last sentace came out weird, I need to not comment at night. I meant to say I really like the flow of this outfit. It has a very relaxed and at ease feel to it and you look really happy about wearing it.

    2. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I’m glad we tried playing around with this lighting! It really opens up our photo options. He was stuck on only shooting in full sunlight (ugh) for awhile so it’s nice to try something different.

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