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Leopard print cardigan with purple scarf, white button up shirt, jeans, nude shoes. Casual Friday, Chicago style blogger


Cardigan – Lucky Brand (similar) | Scarf – Target (similar) | Shirt – TJ Maxx (similar) | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (same)


Okay, so, if I can’t find my dream leopard print shoes I mentioned yesterday I suppose I shall console myself by wearing my leopard print cardigan today. It’s not the same thing at all. But, it’s what I’ve got.

Also, this white collared shirt is what I’ve got. I bought it YEARS ago. I don’t even remember when. In fact, I think I might have bought it because I needed it for a work uniform or a costume. I just hung onto it because, hey, a white collared shirt doesn’t really go out of style. But every time I put it on I think, “I wish I had a different white collared shirt.” So maybe I’ll make that one of my goals this year. Figure out what in my closet I don’t really love and replace it with something better.

I’ve read that the non-iron dress shirts from Brooks Brothers are amazing but, dang, they are pricey. However, I suppose that  just like this not-so-pricey one that I have it will last for longer than I can remember and, if I really love it, that’s worth the price, right? Decisions, decisions.

As a testament to how much I don’t love this shirt, I could only find two other times I’ve worn it. I have another white collared shirt that has metallic silver pinstripes that I wear a lot more often, but this plain white one just doesn’t get that kind of love.


Also, apparently I really like to wear it with this leopard cardigan and these shoes. Who knew?

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12 replies on “That Old Thing

  1. Kelly @ Running Kellometers

    I JUST had the same thought about my abysmal white collared shirt collection. I need some new ones! There is nothing like the crisp clean color of a new white shirt. Let me know when you find a good one! I might need to get one too.

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Love the leopard + purple. Then again I love all things purple, so this probably isn’t a surprise. Though leopard is kind of like gold, and purple and gold go super well together (as my high school colors can attest 😉 ), so maybe that’s why it stands out so much to me in this outfit.

    I have a couple collared shirts that I just cannot convince myself to get rid of, even though I’ve never worn them and can’t see myself wearing them anytime in the even remotely near future. At the same time, I’m also convinced the instant I get rid of them I will find myself in a situation requiring a collared shirt, and I’ll have none. LIFE IS SO HARD. 😛

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