9 Ways to Avoid Wearing Black


Okay, so you know I’m doing this challenge where I don’t wear black for all of January, right? It’s actually easier to avoid wearing black than I thought! In fact, I actually wear a lot of outfits that don’t have any black in them. Which means I thought I’d round up 9 other winter and office-appropriate outfits that will hopefully give you some ideas on how to avoid falling into a black hole. (Ha! I crack myself up.)

9 Ways to Avoid Wearing Black

The key? Have some colors in your closet. Gray, brown and navy are great alternative neutrals. Add some red, purple, or blues in whatever colors you love and you can mix and match all month without resorting to those black pants!

8 replies on “9 Ways to Avoid Wearing Black

  1. kelsey

    You know me, black in every single outfit I wear…except now looking at my outfit today there’s no black!

    But I’ve really enjoyed seeing the non-black outfits you come up with!

  2. Maggie

    Nice! But I love black 🙂 I did wear a no-black outfit on Monday … navy knit dress, oatmeal long cardigan, brown belt, gray tights, beige booties.

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