The January Blues

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Cobalt blue pants, cream boucle tweed jacket, white shirt, nude flats


Jacket – Forever 21 (similar) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – LOFT (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar) | Watch – Groopdealz (similar)

And I’m back with an actual outfit!! I almost forgot how to take outfit photos. Although, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I have been posting a few there.

But today’s outfit is in honor of two different style challenges. The first is VV Boutique Style’s January Black Out Challenge. The goal? To not wear black for all of January! So far this week I’ve been doing well. We get two weekly passes so I did wear black shoes on Tuesday. On one hand I don’t like ignoring such a huge chunk of my closet (especially since I only have so many non-black work appropriate pants) but I also like the idea of not falling back on the typical “black pants and a sweater” uniform as I’ve mentioned before. So, we’ll see how long I last.

The other reason I put on this outfit is because of H&K Style Journey’s Pinned It and Did It prompt. I pinned an outfit from Vodka Infused Lemonade a while back and figured since I’m trying to avoid black pants and it’s still too cold for skirts that cobalt pants and a white tweed jacket would be perfect for today. Except I realize now that I totally forgot a necklace. Oh well. My leopard print watch will just have to stand on its own.


Original outfit

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18 replies on “The January Blues

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Haha! And here I was thinking that my husband was still mostly asleep when he took these photos this morning. I guess we are our own worst critics.

      We’ll see how long I last with the no black thing. It’s going to be difficult.

  1. Agi

    Thanks so much. As soon as i saw your outfit, I thought of that one. Looks good. Great recreation!!!!!


  2. Style Journey

    Beautiful color combo! Cobalt blue is such a pretty color and is a great color in all seasons. Thanks so much for linking up too! Hope to see you again soon!


  3. Erica

    I could never ever ever never do that challenge. Maybe it is the NY in me. I guess if I could just wear jeans and sweaters… probably still no. Go get ’em!

  4. Katie of alaskan weredork

    Whoa, that is quite a challenge! (Heh, I would be failing right now, I wore an almost all black outfit today and have been on a serious black kick lately.). I love the idea of this challenge, it really is easiler to dress black but it’s nice to see a little color in the middle of winter. I wanted to say how much I lik this jacket on you, it’s really beautiful and the cream/ ivory color is so striking on you.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Right now I think the only reason I can avoid black is because I also own a lot of gray and navy!

      And this jacket is one of those random really well made Forever 21 finds. I ordered it on a whim and it turns out I really like it!

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