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What coat do I wear in Chicago?


Growing up in the Midwest I’m used to having multiple coats for all seasons. But for years I lived in areas where I could get away with just a wool peacoat for winter. After moving to Chicago, though, and commuting to work via public transit I knew I had to get a “from here” coat for winter. Meaning a coat that you buy in the place you live.

North Face Down Coat The quintessential Chicago coat – the down North Face parka

I, however, didn’t want the traditional coat. Nope. I went for a fun silver Eddie Bauer version several years ago and I still think Eddie Bauer has the best options for warm but fun coats for when it’s below freezing.

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The wool peacoat is still a great option for when it’s between 32 and 45 degrees (or more if you are still acclimating to Chicago’s version of cold). Mine is from Macy’s but for years I had one from Old Navy.



Finally, the trench coat. This is perfect for fall and spring in Chicago when it’s rainy and cool but not cold. Mine is from Target and I’ve worn it on the blog here and here. Unfortunately, right now is not the time to buy a trench coat so there aren’t many to choose from. But if you’re currently experiencing a super cold snap like we are in Chicago, there are deals to be had on down and wool coats. So, get shopping and stay warm!

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