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The Brilliant Earth Jewelry Style Challenge


As you may or may not recall, I lost my wedding ring back in August and had to get it replaced. When I started visiting jewelers I realized that engagement and wedding ring styles have changed a lot in the 10 years since I got married!  I had already decided just to get my original wedding ring recreated. If I had done it over from scratch I would have been completely overwhelmed! What would I have chosen??

Enter Brilliant Earth. Not only does Brilliant Earth deal in ethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings, they also have some beautiful non-diamond jewelry. They’ve also put together a style personality guide to help you when determining your own jewelry style or, you know, if any significant others in your life need some assistance.


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I loved this graphic and, based on it, I’m definitely the minimalist, no-nonsense elegant style.


In fact, if I owned those pieces (and hint to people in my life: I do have a birthday next month), here’s how I’d wear them:


You can find all of these jewelry items on the Brilliant Earth website and find out more about their passion for sourcing the most ethical and sustainable jewelry and their commitment to giving back 5% of their profit to those harmed by the diamond industry.

Which jewelry personality style are you?


Note: I have not been compensated for this post but I may get blog exposure if my post is chosen as one of the top style challenge posts.