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November Shopping Summary



Clockwise from top left

1. The Limited Red Blazer – $42

2. Langford Market Plaid Tunic – $28

3. Anne Klein Patent Red Heels – $25 (same)

4. Vince Camuto Faux Leather & Ponte Pants – $40 (same)

5. Target Sequined Shoulder Cardigan – $21 (same) (seen here and here)

6. Target Striped Tee – $2

7. Express Faux Leather Trim Chambray Shirt – $25 (free with Poshmark Credit) (same)

8. Gap Gingham Shirt – $29 (same)

Total – $187

Note: I also ordered a skirt, a pair of pants, and these boots but none of them has come yet. If I decide to keep them you’ll see them in December’s shopping summary.

Would you believe I bought all these things on sale before Black Friday? See, you don’t have to go shopping on just one day of the year to get good deals! And the Target prices were courtesy of coupons and Cartwheel. I mean, the striped shirt was already on super clearance but with coupons it was only $2! It’s going to be a great layering piece this winter.

And, of course, after my Stitch Fix shipment I couldn’t let go of the idea of a navy gingham shirt. Gap to the rescue with a 40% off sale! Then there was the disaster of the faux leather pants I ordered with Poshmark credit. They were WAY too small for me (if you wear a six in Forever 21, let me know) but thankfully I found this Vince Camuto ones at Macy’s for 50% off and I want to wear them every day. I will find a way to make them work for the office, just so you know.

This time last year I had a huge Christmas and Birthday wish list full of clothes. This year? Not so much. I think I’ve finally filled all the holes in my closet!

Do you have clothes on your wish list?


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