Black Friday: To Shop or Not to Shop?


Admittedly, I have never done the whole Black Friday thing. I really, really like sleep so the idea of getting up at 3:00 AM to go shopping just kills me. Yes, I like sleep more than I like shopping but it’s a lot more difficult to have a blog devoted to sleeping than a blog devoted to personal style.

Anyway! My friend Kelsey wrote a blog post last year about how Black Friday is probably her favorite day of the year.

Now when I say I love Black Friday, I mean I really love Black Friday.  As far as I’m concerned, Thanksgiving is just Black Friday Eve.

I asked her if I could share her tips with you and she very nicely said yes.  So, here’s what Kelsey has to say about Black Friday shopping.



Part One: Getting ready to shop

  • I put money aside from each paycheck into a separate bank account labeled BLACK FRIDAY (starting in January) so I have lots to spend when the day finally arrives.
  • I literally do all my Christmas shopping on this glorious day- I do not come home until I’ve completely gotten everything I set out for.
  • Whatever money I don’t spend on Christmas presents (once I’ve bought everything I intended to) I spend on myself.
  • I go to bed super early on Thanksgiving so I can be up, alert and ready to go around 3:30 AM.


Part Two: The actual shopping

For those of you not as crazy as myself- here are the stores you definitely NEED to check out on BF because they have such awesome deals:

  • Kohl’s– This is the only day I ever go to this store.  Kohl’s basically gives stuff away on BF.
  • Macy’s– Always my first stop because I do 75% of my Christmas shopping here.  Great deals and amazing coupons.
  • Old Navy– They basically give stuff away too.

Stores to skip?

  • Nordstrom Rack- Last year their big thing was a coupon for 40% off one item-um hello that’s not BF worthy.
  • TJ Maxx/ Marshall’s– They never have BF deals because everything is already on sale.  The lines are always crazy crowded so I typically skip these stores all together on BF.
  • Banana Republic- I still don’t get how Old Navy has such awesome deals and Banana Republic will have something like 20% off full priced items. Again, not BF worthy.

So, tell me, do you go shopping on Black Friday or do you avoid it like the plague?

15 replies on “Black Friday: To Shop or Not to Shop?

  1. Anne

    I do most of my Black Friday shopping online, because I also like sleep, and just can’t deal with the crazy crowds. And the thing is, having worked at Kohl’s all through college, I know that they do have a lot of the same/similar sales all through the holiday season, so I’d rather skip the lines at 4am and maybe pay a little more another day. But last year I also found that a lot of stores had similar deals the day before Thanksgiving. And guess what, NO ONE is out shopping then!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      It’s true what you say about the sales not necessarily being a one-and-done kind of thing. I’ve heard that shopping on Black Friday doesn’t necessarily get you the best deals of the season unless you’re looking for that one must-have item that everyone else also wants.

  2. Ashley | ATG

    I love Black Friday! This year my friend and I are going to do the crazy early thing for the first time; not sure how I will be that morning…we’ll find out! Thanks for the store tips!!

  3. kelsey

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I don’t know how the formatting is on anyone else’s computer, but on my computer Kelsey’s exclamation points spill out of the comment section of the blog all the way across the tag cloud, and I find this hilarious.

    Anyway. I generally avoid shopping in general like the plague, so Black Friday: not my thing. Also I have turkey comas to sleep off, soo…. Haha. I think if I went into Black Friday with a plan, though, I could probably handle it. But it’d have to be a very specific, detailed plan, otherwise I’d be a weeping puddle of stress by 8 a.m.

    1. kelsey

      Oh trust me, I have a plan before I tackle it. I know exactly where I’m going and when. Some stores have deals before a certain time (door busters!) so I make sure I go to those first. The great thing about BF in Chicago is that you can walk the stores! It’s great.

      I also see the exclamation points spilling out and I find it hilarious as well.

  5. Emily

    Great tips!!! I used to try to get up super early to nail the Black Friday sales, but I’ve found they are too much of a hassle. Plus, I’m usually in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving and it’s tougher to go shopping when I’m supposed to be spending quality time with my in-laws. =D Now I do most of my Black Friday shopping online! I do love the holiday spirit in the air that day, though! It’s so festive.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      The few times I’ve gone out it’s been late in the day on Friday and I still usually find what I’m looking for. Of course, I’m not on the hunt for electronics or toys so that helps!

  6. Valerie

    I loooove Black Friday shopping! I go to the outlet mall. They open at midnight, but that is when all the super crazies go…so I go around 4-5am once they are done shopping and there are no lines at all! Get some great deals…it’s become a bit of a tradition with the women in our family 🙂

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