Jewel Tones and Black Boots

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Green sweater, purple scarf, black pleated skirt, knee high boots, patterned tights

green_sweater_purple_scarf 016green_sweater_purple_scarf 018

Sweater – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Scarf – Target (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (same) | Tights – Express (same) | Boots – Cole Haan (similar) | Watch Groopdealz (similar)


So, this week’s Trend Spin is Jewel Tones. I admit, I had to Google which colors were considered jewel tones. Turns out, there’s not really a consensus. I suppose technically they are colors that resemble gemstones, such as emerald, dark red, purple, and dark blue. The opposite of a jewel tone would be a pastel or lighter version of the darker colors.

I tend to gravitate toward jewel tones but strangely I was having a difficult time coming up with an outfit today. See, I also wanted to participate in Sarah’s Take One, Pass It On challenge 2.0. I did this in February as well and it was a good exercise in remixing items in my closet. However, since I didn’t wear any jewel tones yesterday I decided to take the boots and pass them on to today!


So, which item will I pass on from today’s outfit? Guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

20 replies on “Jewel Tones and Black Boots

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Oh good. The fact that you didn’t know what jewel tones are either makes me feel much better about having no clue what “jewel tones” really means. I think I generally refer to jewel tones as “colors good for fall and winter” haha.

    Speaking of fall: so excited about all the color on the trees in the first picture! Good work, nature.

  2. Anne

    OMG, I love jewel tones! They’re pretty much all I wear, since they go really well with a pale complexion and dark hair. I don’t know if the bright pink that you often wear is technically considered jewel tone, but I lump that one in anyway since I always think jewel tones as just really saturated colors.

    Also, I really need a pair of polka dot tights – they’re so cute!

  3. Emily

    I love jewel tones! They look so good on women with coloring like ours. Whenever I watch “What Not To Wear” Stacy and Clinton refer to jewel tones as “saturated color” which I think is a great way to describe them.

    Those polka dot tights are awesome!

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