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Pink Is Not Just For Spring Anymore

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

pink_gingham_pencil_skirt 015

pink_gingham_pencil_skirt 016

Shirt – J. Crew Factory (similar) | Sweater – LOFT via Goodwill (similar) | Skirt – NY&Co (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar) | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Purse – Tyler Rodan via (similar)

I bet a lot of you would think this outfit would be more appropriate in the spring. I mean, pink is a bright color and as we move towards cooler weather we should be gravitating towards darker colors, right?  I say no! Well, okay, I say no to the pastel floral flared jeans I saw out and about on Saturday night, but I don’t say no to pink. In fact, I think paired with a sweater this is a great fall outfit. And when it gets cooler? Put on some knee high boots! In brown, of course.

So, what do you think? Is pink just for spring and summer or can we wear it in the fall too?

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I’m Sore Olive Over

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Olive military jacket or blazer with lace t-shirt and black dress pants

olive_jacket_lace_shirt 015olive_jacket_lace_shirt 017

Jacket – Old Navy via Threadflip (similar) | Shirt – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Nine West (similar)

I try as hard as possible to plan my outfits out in advance. Which is one of the reasons I love Inspiration Monday. Very little thinking involved! Olive jacket? Lace shirt? Black pants? Got it. The only thing I didn’t get was that I originally planned to wear my skinny black pants and my leather boots today. But after spending over 9 hours on my feet on Saturday and almost 12 hours on my feet on Sunday I decided that I needed flats.


Click the photo to see the full outfit

But then I felt too much like I was wearing leggings instead of pants and switched these dress pants. Which are too long to wear with flats. Wedges were the next best thing. Thankfully I sit at my desk all day at work so at least I’m off my feet. Too bad I can’t get someone to carry me during my commute.

I know, I’m whining when so many of my friends ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday and are probably sore, too. But, I’m telling you, I think I would be LESS sore if I had run instead of working the expo and then volunteering at a water station. Crazy. I mean, I slept 14 hours last night. I went to bed at 5PM and got up at 7AM. Which is why posts this week might be a bit sporadic. Still trying to catch up after a fun but busy weekend!

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Kid at Heart

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall



Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Shirt – Banana Republic (similar) | Jeans – Old Navy (similar) | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s (similar) | Bracelet – Chicago blogger clothing swap (similar)

Another day, another Pinterest-inspired outfit. But, really, I don’t think the outfit is the star of the show here. I mean, are you really looking at me? Or are you looking at the big green monster glaring menacingly out at you?



This is the Big Monster Toy Company and it’s located within walking distance of my apartment building. One of my favorite parts about being a runner is that I find all kinds of neat places in my neighborhood when I’m out for a run. Or, heck, even when I’m just out for a walk or a bike ride to Goodwill, one of the fitness studios, or to a friend’s place. I come across places like this and decide they need to be the backdrop for an outfit photo. This week just happened to be the day that worked out to head over there and take pictures.

But, okay, I’ll talk about my outfit. I admit that it took me a long time to figure out how to wear a button-up shirt underneath a cardigan. I always felt like it would be too lumpy or the arms would be too tight or something like that. The key? Making sure you don’t buy your cardigans super skin-tight! I think that it’s a tough transition to make from junior’s to “women’s” clothing. Junior’s clothing is cut to fit tighter so even after we’re out of the Junior’s we keep buying clothes that don’t allow for layering. At least, I know I’m guilty of this. Thankfully I’ve finally figured out that it’s okay to buy some things one size larger to allow for a better fit. Ignore the number, go for how it fits you!

Of course, we’re all still kids at heart, right? Even if our clothes no longer come from the Junior’s department.


Other ways I’ve worn this cardigan: Way 1 | Way 2

Other ways I’ve worn this shirt:  Way 1 | Way 2

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The Sleeveless Blazer Returns

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Cobalt blue, CAbi sleeveless blazer, vest, stripes, Chicago fall style

Cobalt blue, CAbi sleeveless blazer, stripes, Chicago fall style

Sleeveless blazer – c/o Holly Haley, CAbi (same) | Shirt – LOFT (similar) | Pants – LOFT (similar) | Shoes – Anne Klein (similar)

So far this is the week of taking items I wore earlier this fall and turning them into cooler weather appropriate outfits. When I Alternatives to tamoxifen and arimidex I paired it with a tank top and sandals and kept it safe with an all black and gray color palate. This time, though, I went with recreating an outfit I saved on Pinterest. I’ve paired this top with cobalt blue before so it was easy to swap the blue from the top to the bottom. I like that the sleeveless blazer gives it a bit of a different vibe, though. since it shows off the sleeves of the shirt and adds some interesting texture to the outfit.

By the way, if you’re a blogger in the Chicago area and want to get this blazer (or another CAbi piece) for FREE just check out this event that my friend Holly is sponsoring. Attend the CAbi kick-off keynote with Geena Davis, blog about it, and Holly  will send you a CAbi item of your choice.

Also, funny story: this building is basically across the street from my apartment. It has a fence all the way around with gates that are locked outside of 9-5 business hours. The building has no sign on it and we had no idea what they do. Until I decided to do a bit of Google research and discovered it’s the headquarters of what appears to be a pretty major construction firm. Still, there’s a part of me that wants to keep thinking it’s a super-secret government test facility.

Question: Would you like it if at the bottom of each post I included a collage of two or three ways I’ve reworn the items in the main outfit photo? Let me know!

P.S. If you want to see yet another way I wore last week’s purple dress and another dress-as-a-blouse outfit, head over to Work Your Wardrobe where I’m this week’s contributor.

September Shopping Summary



1. Express Faux Leather Shell – $20 (seen here)

2. Express Zip-Front Blouse – $20 (seen here)

3. Old Navy Cargo Vest – $24

4. Vividly Scarf – $37.20 (get 20% off w/code BBREADER2901)

5. Target Khaki Pencil Skirt – $16.50 (seen here)

6. Target Leopard Print Pencil Skirt – $16.50 (seen here)

7. Express Polka Dot Tights – $9


Total – $143.20 ($6.40 under budget)

Interesting tidbits about purchases this month: I had a $50 gift card to Express from one of the places I do online surveys. Plus I had one of those coupons for like $15 off any order. So, subtracting that is why I got those pieces from Express for much cheaper than list price.

Oh, also, in the interest of full disclosure I actually ordered two pairs of tights in different sizes. One pair will most likely be returned, though. I just never know what size I am!

The Vividly scarf was purchased with a 50% off code that I received for blogging about the company. But I had to pay shipping. Sad face.

The pencil skirts were on sale for $18 plus I had coupons from both the Target website and from using Cartwheel. Seriously, if you shop at Target and don’t use their Cartwheel program you are missing out.

And the vest. Oh, the vest. I posted on Facebook asking for opinions because I just wasn’t sure about it. It’s super long on me! When I mentioned this Jen from Librarian for Life and Style asked if I might be interested in swapping my new vest for the one she wears all the time. After sending each other the measurements of our respective vests we decided to do a swap. So, I may end up with a cargo vest out of this deal after all!

Considering I’ve already worn both tops and both skirts and I came in under budget I think this month was a good one all around. Now, if I can just stop wanting to purchase almost everything I see at Target I’ll be good to go.

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Fall Floral

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Floral skirt, navy sweater, gray pumps, pearl necklace for fall in Chicago

Pearl and rhinestone necklace from Langford Market Chicago

Sweater – Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt – LOFT via Poshmark (similar) | Shoes – Gabriella Rocha via (similar) | Necklace – Langford Market (similar)

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite outfit of September!


The last time I wore this skirt I commented that I envisioned wearing it with my navy sweater. So, here it is. I decided to try and bring this skirt into fall with some darker colors, closed-toe shoes and my new pearl and rhinestone necklace.

As part of my goody-bag from the Midwest Style Bloggers Chicago Brunch two weeks ago I received a $50 gift card to Langford Market which has two locations in Chicago.  One of them was on the way home from a blogger clothing swap I attended on Saturday (more on that at a later date) so I decided to stop on in. If you follow me on Instagram you saw a picture of the skirt I picked up with my gift card. Of course, as I was checking out I saw this necklace in the display case and it decided to come home with me. It just adds a little something to this otherwise simple sweater, doesn’t it?

And there you go. One floral skirt, two seasons!

Favorite Outfit of September

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Okay, before we get too far into October (!!) I’d better take a moment and discuss my favorite outfit from September!

I definitely had some fun outfits in September. Pairing a pencil skirt with a t-shirt? Wearing basically all the red items in my closet at once? A leopard pencil skirt?

Actually, I think that last one is my favorite.


Something about all the neutral colors yet the crazy leopard pattern in the skirt just does it for me. Neutral but not so much, you know? Also, that post garnered some really good discussion both on and off-line. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do!

But, before you leave, could you take a moment and vote for your favorite outfit from last month? Remember, you should be able to click on each picture to go to the full outfit post.

What is your favorite outfit from September 2013?

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Sunday in a Dress

Viagra and clonidine


Dress – The Limited (similar) | Boots – Ciao Bella via DSW (similar) | Purse – Tyler Rodan via (same in black)

Probably over a year ago I saved an image from the Nordstrom website of a purple dress with black riding boots. I loved the dress but it was a bit too pricey for me. So, image how excited I was when I found this one at The Limited on the clearance rack and it fit me perfectly? Now the key was finding the right time to wear it.

A cool fall weekend where you go to brunch, run errands or whatever it is you do outside of the house on weekends is the perfect chance for this outfit. Adding riding boots to the dress take it from work to casual and make it comfy enough for walking around the city.

And that, my friends, is the end of the 7×7 Remix! 7 items from my closet paired with different accessories and rearranged in different ways gives you 7 different outfits.


So, tell me, which of the 7 outfits was your favorite?

Leather and Leopard

Viagra and clonidine

faux_leather_top_leopard_cardigan_jeans 1


Cardigan – Lucky Brand (similar) | Faux Leather Top – Express (same) | Jeans – Express (same) | Shoes – Payless (same)

Earlier this year my husband and I made a deal: if he went to a trapeze class with me I would go to the shooting range with him. We went to both and I fell in love with trapeze and he fell in love with target shooting. He has no desire to try trapeze ever again whereas I’m not too horrible of a shot and, as such, wouldn’t mind going to the range occasionally.

So that’s what we did on Friday night. And shooting ranges recommend that you wear a crew or higher-necked top so that when the hot cartridge expels out of the gun it doesn’t go down your shirt! Jeans, my faux leather top, and a cardigan were the perfect solution.

And, yes, I was indeed the best dressed person at the range. Probably the youngest, too.


Skipping the Friday Jeans

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Faux leather moto jacket, black pencil skirt, silver boat shoes

Top – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Shoes – Nine West (similar) | Jacket – Zara (similar)

Whew! It’s Friday! Anyone else feel like this week was a million years long? Maybe it’s because last week I was so busy and this week I felt like I needed to catch up on everything? Who knows. What I do know is that I normally wear jeans on Fridays but because of the 7×7 remix I decided to take my own advice and make a more Celebrex fda warning.

I left off the jewelry and paired yesterday’s skirt with some casual flats and this jersey knit top that I wore on Wednesday.



Toss on my faux leather jacket and I’m good to go. Of course, once I’m in the office I won’t be wearing the jacket around. So that’s when I’ll swap it out for the black cardigan I wore on Monday. I think the lack of bling paired with the metallic boat shoes keeps this outfit office-appropriate while still giving a nod to the “Casual Friday” idea.

As you can see, I have two more outfits to discuss! I don’t normally post on weekends but I will this week. Stay tuned for the rest of the details on the last two outfits.

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