October Shopping Summary



1.Langford Market Pearl Necklace – gift carded (seen here)

2. Langford Market Skater Skirt – $45 (seen Zoloft and short term memory loss)

3. The Limited Faux Leather Paneled Skirt – $70 (same)

4. J. Crew Factory Emery Bow Flats – $45 (same) (seen here)

5. J. Crew Factory Merino Wool Sweater – $35 (same)

6. J. Crew Factory Cotton Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt – $35 (same)

7. Target Striped Baseball Tee – $9 (same)

8. Groopdealz Watch – $19

9. The Limited Black Pleated Skirt – $35 (same) (seen here)

10. The Limited Black Pencil Skirt – $30 (same)

Plus a cardigan, bracelet, and dress that I got from a clothing swap that will be revealed in a later post.

Total = $323


Gulp. This month’s total was WAY MORE than I usually spend. And, in fact, now that I look at it I’m thinking I might return the cobalt blue skirt to J. Crew Factory. It’s way too long on me and while I could get it hemmed I don’t think I need it that badly.

What I did need, though, was a new black pencil skirt. That’s not a sexy purchase but my current one is  just a tad bit too small. So, instead of continuing to pour my hips into it I decided to size up. So, if you need a Banana Republic black pencil skirt in a size 4 please let me know!

Also, I’d been on the hunt for a plain black crewneck sweater for almost a year and the deal on this one was too good to pass up.

The baseball tee from Target? It’s so soft and I so rarely buy items that I can’t repurpose for work. But sometimes you just need something comfy to wear around the house. Plus, it was on clearance for less than $9.

And the watch? I owned two watches that work and both are silver. I wanted something with gold but didn’t want it to be too bland or cheap looking. This one seems to fit the bill. I was originally going to look for one at the JF&A Show but I was unable to attend the October event. Hence the Groopdealz order.

As for the three flared skirts? Well, I suppose October was the month of the skirt. I have no excuses for why I bought these other than I wanted something other than just pencil skirts in my wardrobe.

Oh, I’m also leaving out my latest Halloween costume. I actually purchased it for a 10K race I was running but it’s totally getting repurposed. Wonder Woman is the best!

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4 replies on “October Shopping Summary

  1. Emily

    No worries. You bought a lot of timeless classics this month which will last a long time and be super versatile. A black pencil skirt is as fundamental as it gets! Therefore, I almost don’t count those types of items as part of the shopping summary total. =D

  2. Ashley

    Even though you spent way more than you wanted to, you really did get some great items! They are all so classic – I feel like you will have them for a long time. I LOVE that leather skirt – I can’t wait to see how you wear it!

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