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Packing for Las Vegas

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m in Las Vegas for the first part of this week for a work conference. For some reason packing for this trip really flummoxed me. I’ve been to Vegas several times, once for this same conference several years ago, but I just couldn’t think of what to wear this time. I even asked on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions! Of course, being Vegas, the suggestions included sequins. And, as you’ll see, I didn’t completely discount it.



Black blazer, gray scarf, jeans, my new J. Crew Factory flats, and sequins for the plane! I’m actually writing this post on the plan and let me tell you: the security scanner machines at O’Hare did not know what to make of the sequined shirt. Thankfully I was there early enough that I didn’t mind the pat-down detour. But, for future reference, sequins may not make the best plane outfit.


Get used to seeing this black blazer. It’s my travel go-to. Perfect for layering and can totally go from day to night. In this case I’m pairing it with a black, white and gray printed tank top, black dress pants, and black heels. You may notice that there is a color theme to my packing: black and white. Makes it super easy to mix and match items.  I even threw in a pair of black skinny jeans that I can wear with top if I need something a bit more casual.


Here you go! My pop of color for the week. I put this cobalt blue shirt with a black pencil skirt and tossed in a black and white striped cardigan with gold buttons that match the gold zipper on the top. I can also wear this with my black jeans for the evening if necessary. And,of course, I can pair any of the other tops I brought with the black pencil skirt.  Silver sequins and a black skirt? Perfect for Vegas, right?


Finally I’ve got my second travel outfit. Almost exactly the same as the first outfit but I swapped out the sequins for a t-shirt. Although I kept the sparkles. Got to bring home some of the Vegas vibe, right? Can’t wait to see what airport security thinks of this top.

Not picture? My swimsuit, some lounge clothes, one workout outfit (including running shoes), a pair of black tights, and the black jeans mentioned earlier. And pajamas, jewelry and “unmentionables”.

The best part? I managed to fit it all in my carryon with room to spare!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you pack?