The Great Cargo Vest Swap

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Old Navy cargo vest, purple sweater, jeans, burgundy suede kitten heels, scarf, belt. Perfect for a Chicago fall!


Cargo Vest – Old Navy via Librarian for Life & Style (similar) | Cardigan as a sweater – The Limited (similar) | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Belt – The Limited (similar)| Scarf – gift (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino via DSW (similar)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had ordered an Old Navy cargo vest (the one linked above) but that I wasn’t sure it was the right fit for me. I even posted a picture on Facebook asking for opinions. See, I knew which vest I wanted. It’s the one that Jen from Librarian for Life & Style had been wearing for a year and it made me drool over how cute it was every single time. Sadly, the new one from Old Navy was just too long on me.

But, wait! Jen is taller than me! She suggested we try swapping them and lo and behold the swap worked! My new one was the right length on her taller frame and her shorter one was great on my short self.

So, in homage to Jen and her amazing vest that is now mine (!!) I present you my recreation of one of Jen’s cargo vest outfits.


 Click here for Jen’s original outfit

And now I have my very own cargo vest that I am so excited to wear! So, thank you, Jen for suggesting this swap. I will do my best to make your vest proud.

P.S. This is the same cardigan I wore last Friday! Can you tell? I’m only telling you this so I can link up with AJ and her Friday Remix series.

16 replies on “The Great Cargo Vest Swap

  1. Anne

    That’s great that the vest swap worked out so well! And I just love this outfit. So much. The colors are beautiful together (red & purple were my wedding colors, so I’m a huge fan of that color combo), and I especially love the red wedges.

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Haha, you finally got your cargo vest, I remember you talking about this one! That’s so cool that you two were able to swap and that the different vests worked out for each of you. (And it looks snazzy on you, you made it look so pretty and metropolitan!)

  3. Mica

    Hey, that’s so cool that the swap worked out! I never would have thought of belting around the scarf (and so I would have been whapped in the face by my scarf repeatedly ).

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yes, the belt definitely helped keep the scarf in place. Scarves sliding all over is one of my pet peeves and usually results in the scarf getting ditched part-way through the day.

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