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Zoloft and short term memory loss

Zoloft and short term memory loss About Me

Last week I pretended to be an awesome socialite and went to two, count ‘em, TWO evening events in the city!

The first was the Bonfire Wines Launch Party at The Grid last Wednesday evening.

Bonfire Wines Launch Party Chicago

Bonfire Wines invited me to attend for free and overall it was a fun time. Free wine will always get me in the door. I tried both the red and the white, named Ember and Ignite, respectively, and both were good and slightly sweet. If you don’t like dry wines then these wines are for you! Another unique aspect of Bonfire is that the wines come in pouches instead of bottles or boxes. Perfect for packing if you need to take wine on a little trip, right?

Next, Jill from HOT PINK Style invited me to come with her to the Cheeky Chicago Birthday Party. I follow Cheeky Chicago on Twitter and they are always announcing great new deals and partnerships around the city so I knew this was going to be a good time. And since $20 got you drinks, desserts, a goody bag, and a fashion show from LOFT I didn’t want to miss it.

Cheeky Chicago Birthday Party

The drinks were amazing (go buy Vanilla Cinnamon Bailey’s STAT), the company lovely (In addition to Jill I also hung out with Samosa Pop, Hallways Are My Runways, and Stylish and Scatterbrained) and the fashion show intriguing. The goody bag was filled with food (um, okay) and the desserts were few and far between, but there was also a photo booth and a free make-up touch-up station so all in all it was a well-done event.

Of course, this meant that by Friday I was pretty wiped out. Still, to feel like a social butterfly for a few nights was fun! The crazy thing is that you could literally go to an event (or multiple events) every night in Chicago. I don’t see myself become that much of a party animal, but you never know!