September Shopping Summary



1. Express Faux Leather Shell – $20 (seen here)

2. Express Zip-Front Blouse – $20 (seen here)

3. Old Navy Cargo Vest – $24

4. Vividly Scarf – $37.20 (get 20% off w/code BBREADER2901)

5. Target Khaki Pencil Skirt – $16.50 (seen here)

6. Target Leopard Print Pencil Skirt – $16.50 (seen here)

7. Express Polka Dot Tights – $9


Total – $143.20 ($6.40 under budget)

Interesting tidbits about purchases this month: I had a $50 gift card to Express from one of the places I do online surveys. Plus I had one of those coupons for like $15 off any order. So, subtracting that is why I got those pieces from Express for much cheaper than list price.

Oh, also, in the interest of full disclosure I actually ordered two pairs of tights in different sizes. One pair will most likely be returned, though. I just never know what size I am!

The Vividly scarf was purchased with a 50% off code that I received for blogging about the company. But I had to pay shipping. Sad face.

The pencil skirts were on sale for $18 plus I had coupons from both the Target website and from using Cartwheel. Seriously, if you shop at Target and don’t use their Cartwheel program you are missing out.

And the vest. Oh, the vest. I posted on Facebook asking for opinions because I just wasn’t sure about it. It’s super long on me! When I mentioned this Jen from Librarian for Life and Style asked if I might be interested in swapping my new vest for the one she wears all the time. After sending each other the measurements of our respective vests we decided to do a swap. So, I may end up with a cargo vest out of this deal after all!

Considering I’ve already worn both tops and both skirts and I came in under budget I think this month was a good one all around. Now, if I can just stop wanting to purchase almost everything I see at Target I’ll be good to go.

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6 replies on “September Shopping Summary

  1. kelsey

    you know i love that zip top, especially the color! although all i want to do is unzip it….

    i may have to go buy that leopard print pencil skirt i love it so much!

    actually i love everything you purchased!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    That blue top (which I <3, btw) for $20 from Express! Not bad at all! I've been doing surveys through the same company for probably six or seven years now and have never spent a dime of the "money" I've earned because the rewards suck. I'd much rather have $50 to Express than 51 issues of The Economist sent to my door, which is the most expensive reward they offer (which I could purchase almost twice now with the money I've banked through them). I signed up for this survey group when I was in high school because they offered American Eagle gift cards, but I'm not really in the market to dress like I'm 16 anymore. Other than that it's all magazines and airline miles of totally insignificant values. Clearly I'm taking surveys through the wrong company! Although I did get two free boxes of cereal from them once…

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I use Swagbucks and another one that I got an invitation to years ago. I’ve tried Harris Polls but don’t like it as much. That’s a bummer that you’ve got all those points and nothing to spend them on.

  3. Valerie @ The Style Files

    Great buys this month! And don’t you love Cartwheel?! I feel like a crazy coupon lady at checkout with those coupons + mobile coupons + print ones…people must think I’m crazy but hey- I’ve got a clothing budget to stick to 😉

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      The cashier the first time I used the Cartwheel coupons looked at the barcode like she’d never seen one before! I guess Cartwheel hasn’t caught on in the West Loop quite yet 🙂

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