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Leather and Leopard

Viagra and clonidine

faux_leather_top_leopard_cardigan_jeans 1


Cardigan – Lucky Brand (similar) | Faux Leather Top – Express (same) | Jeans – Express (same) | Shoes – Payless (same)

Earlier this year my husband and I made a deal: if he went to a trapeze class with me I would go to the shooting range with him. We went to both and I fell in love with trapeze and he fell in love with target shooting. He has no desire to try trapeze ever again whereas I’m not too horrible of a shot and, as such, wouldn’t mind going to the range occasionally.

So that’s what we did on Friday night. And shooting ranges recommend that you wear a crew or higher-necked top so that when the hot cartridge expels out of the gun it doesn’t go down your shirt! Jeans, my faux leather top, and a cardigan were the perfect solution.

And, yes, I was indeed the best dressed person at the range. Probably the youngest, too.