7 Things I Learned At Social Media Week

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Purple dress with leopard cardigan and bow belt

Purple, leopard and a bow

Cardigan – Lucky Brand (similar) | Dress – The Limited (similar) | Belt – Target (same) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar)

Alright, here are the next two pieces in my 7×7 remix: the leopard cardigan and the purple dress.



And, as promised, my thoughts on Social Media Week Chicago!  In case you aren’t familiar with Social Media Week, it’s basically a week of mostly free sessions on all aspects of social media that take place in cities across the world and online. Some sessions are very focused on one topic whereas others are just about social media best practices or, for beginners, how to even use things like Twitter or Facebook.

I attended 8 sessions through out the week including:

1. Confessions of a Community Manager

2. Good Habits of Successful Social Media Managers

3. SEO Strategies for PR Social Media

4. Boost Your Business with Social Media

5. Social Media 101 for Nonprofits and Community Organizations

6. Social Media & Internet Marketing

7. #ThinkAgain: Revised Social Media Disclosure Guidance

8. 9 Beautiful Tools That Will Help You Become Internet Famous

My favorites were definitely numbers 1, 2, 3, and 8.  Why? Here’s what I learned.

7 Things I Learned at Social Media Week

1. I need to learn what Facebook Pixels are. I Googled it after session #2 but am still confused!

2. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load then your Google SEO rankings go down. Use Page Speed Insights to test your own website. A score lower than 70 means you need to do some revamping!

3. Don’t forget to mobile optimize your website! WordPress definitely has an option for this. Use it! Google will eventually start penalizing websites that are not mobile optimized when indexing them.

4. Google prefers branded and partial match “organic links” when indexing. There are three types of links:

Branded links – Brand name or website is the term that is linked

Example – “Viibryd vs zoloft announces the 7×7 remix” where “Loop Looks” links to looplooks.net

Partial match – The link anchor includes several words or terms

Example – “Rush limbaugh viagra costa rica so check out these awesome 5 faux leather outfits.” Where multiple words link to a website or post on the topic that you are using as your SEO term.

Exact Match – Only the search term is used as the link anchor

Example – “Great fall looks include Rush limbaugh viagra costa rica.” Where only “faux leather” is linked to the website or post.

Try to use Branded and Partial Match links, especially in press releases or when posting somewhere else to drive traffic to your blog. You can use a service called Remove’em to look for those exact match backlinks that Google may consider “spammy”.

5. Use Tweriod to determine the best times to tweet so that your followers see them!

6. A good Twitter background picture should be left-side heavy and 2340×1200 pixels in size.

7. Tell your story on your About page. People want your story, not just your product! I will be updating my About Me page to explain why I started this blog.

Not all the sessions I went to at Social Media Week were that great, though. A few I felt that I knew more than the presenters I don’t even do this for a living! In fact, after one of the sessions I looked up a tool the presenter recommended and discovered it had been discontinued in July! Oops. Not all of the sessions were a great match for my current interests either but in most of them I walked out with at least one interesting tidbit. For example, did you know that the people who run the Twitter accounts for alcohol companies can’t reply to or retweet accounts where they can’t figure out how hold the person is? They basically have to be super-sleuths and guesstimate using pictures you post on Twitter to determine if they can interact with you! Fascinating.

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in the field of social media I definitely suggest you check out a session or two either in person or online. You never know what new piece of information could come in handy!

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15 replies on “7 Things I Learned At Social Media Week

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Sometimes when I hear about things like social media week or seminars or talks or whatever, I think they’re kind of stupid because social media is intuitive, right? Anyone can figure it out! And then I read posts like this and realize I have noooooo idea what I’m doing. Haha. I’m not trying to be some major blogger over here, but it also seems kind of silly to put a bunch of effort into a blog that no one ever sees (unless, of course, that’s the purpose of your blog…but that’s not the purpose of my blog), and I had no idea that page loading time affected your Google SEO! Now, if only I understood the techy mumbo jumbo the PageSpeed analysis is trying to tell me…haha.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Most of these sessions were aimed at businesses looking to increase their customer base. Not bloggers, specifically. So, yes, if you worked in social media or PR or marketing for a company then these might be more applicable to you. And then you might have an IT person to explain the techy mumbo-jumbo 🙂

  2. JennyOH

    Thank you for these tips/links! I have recently been put in charge of PR (inc. collaborating on the website and social media) for my library system, and have very little professional experience with the social media end of things (I have a personal account with a few social media outlets, and have used it as a branch manager to promote that branch’s events and things, but I’m not an IT person by training).

    I’ve just started reading “A Social Networking Primer for Librarians” by Cliff Landis, part of The Tech Set series, which seems really helpful for someone with basic knowledge (ISBN 1555707040).

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I hope you find some good information! And that book sounds like a great start. Being put in charge of social media and PR for a library system sounds like a great job, too. It would totally merge all my interests seeing as how my Master’s degree is in library science 🙂

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  4. Amanda - TooTallFritz

    I looked at the page insights thing. Of course, I’m below 70. And I have no idea how to fix it. The red !!!!s were written in greek, or might as well have been. I’m just a runner trying to motivate others. I don’t know anything about facebook pixels or google SEOs. 🙁

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Even CNN was a bit below 70 so it’s not a HUGE deal 🙂

      If you already have the readership base you want then there’s no reason to fret. These sessions were aimed mostly at companies that are looking to increase their customer base.

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